Postcards from Herm ~ Channel Islands


Herm Island – August 2017 from Laura Pritchard on Vimeo.

When you think of the Channel Islands, you probably don’t imagine clear turquoise waters and sparkling white sand. But if you’ve watched the video above, you’ll have seen a glimpse of what looks like a tropical paradise on the beautiful island of Herm.

Just a short boat ride from St Peter Port in Guernsey, it’s ideal for a day trip or even just an afternoon of exploring.

I’ve been once before and decided to make it a manditory part of this year’s Channel Island holiday, partly because I was convinced it would be the closest I would get to the kind of views you’d expect to travel hours to enjoy (little did I know what else I’d discover that holiday).

It’s a tiny island and, ever the explorer, I was keen to walk the whole way around it rather than head straight to the beach. Could you ever get bored of cliff walks with views like this?

You can see neighbouring island Jethou, privately leased and not open to the public, naturally I spent a few minutes pondering what it might be like to have an island all to myself. Would it be the best thing on earth or too isolated?

We were half way around the island in about 30 minutes, I expect it can be done more quickly but why rush when you have a whole day ahead of you.

And plenty to see.

Eventually, I caught sight of Shell Beach (which you can see glistening all the way over in Sark on a clear day!) and my footsteps quickened.

As the name suggests, the sand is made of crushed shells and next to the clear blue water it looks like it could be in the Caribbean.

It was a little windy that day so I soaked up the sun and beautiful views.

And opted for Belvoir Bay, a smaller but equally pretty beach around the corner that was more sheltered.

I demolished one of Herm’s infamous ice creams and enjoyed an afternoon snooze on the sand.

There had been a lot of dolphin sightings at the time, so I spent most of the boat journeys there and back squinting at the horizon. Just as I was about to give up on the trip back to Guernsey, I caught a very quick glimpse of a dolphin surface above the water. It was that point in our holiday I think this year’s summer goals were complete.

We spent a few days in Guernsey, enjoying more beaches and beautiful views. But I think it’s time I return to the real world and get back to sharing more about London and our new life in the suburbs.

Stay tuned!