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Exploring the Barbican Conservatory

Living in London means accepting that you’ll spend time searching for all of the peaceful places to enjoy amidst the non-stop activity of an eternally evolving capital city. Luckily, urban gardens […]


Bank holiday brunching at Granger & Co, Clerkenwell

Brunch and bank holidays are a match made in heaven. What better time to enjoy the most laid-back dish on the menu than over a leisurely three-day weekend, with that ‘free’ holiday […]


Tips for renting a car in London

When I left Birmingham for London I had to say goodbye to my first and only car, an S reg silver Peugot 106 affectionately called Josh. I knew that when […]


The romantic Scotney Castle

As the last trees of soft pink blossom bloom and wedding season gets underway, it feels like romance is truly in air. With three weddings next month I’m embracing the […]


City eats ~ Tapas Revolution, Shoreditch

I love Tapas. I could say that about a lot of food but what I love most about it is the fact that it’s one of the best social cuisines. […]


Celebrating spring at Kew Gardens

The first signs of spring are pretty exciting, but that first day or two when the sun shines and it actually feels warm on your skin are something else. Combine it […]


Exploring the mews of London

In a city like London it’s perfectly acceptable to be a bit nosey. Don’t you think? We can explore its famous landmarks and, for the extra nosey like me, poke […]


Tips for managing your money in London

Budgeting is boring. It’s really not much fun putting limits on things in a city where there’s so much to do, see, eat and drink. And I doubt I’m alone […]


City escapes ~ Whitsands Bay, Cornwall

Have you ever all of a sudden realised that weeks or months have flown by and you’ve not travelled further than an hour from your house, seen anyone or anything […]


The weekend edit #11

February was the month I found myself in the internet-less wilderness after making my fifth London flat move to live with James and having the inevitable challenge of sorting out […]