City escapes ~ Montenegro, Part 3

We arrived in Montenegro mid-June when the temperature was climbing up to 30 degrees. As the leisurely days went on we became experts in ways to cool down, taking regular dips in the crystal clear sea, seeking shelter in the shade at lunch, enjoying a little bit of cloud whilst we were out and about. There’s so much to do in Montenegro that, as long as there’s not a torrential downpour, you’ll be guaranteed to find something no… View Post

The weekend edit #13

Dear Summer, can you come back pretty please? Love London x  In true Brit style the main thing everyone has been talking about recently is the summer showers. It’s certainly dampening everyone’s mood right now! 😉 As it’s my last plan-free weekend until September I’m torn on the best way to spend it. On the on hand I’m restless to get out after a week in the office. On the other, I’ve got some life admin to sort… View Post

City escapes ~ Montenegro, Part 2

Montenegro is such a diverse country in terms of what you can see and do that I’m sure anyone would find a way to love it. After our first two days exploring the Bay of Kotor, we were keen to head up into the mountains. Our main goal was to experience the rush of white water rafting down the Tara River, but from what we’d seen so far we knew that the drive would be… View Post

City escapes ~ Montenegro, Part 1

There are good holidays and then there are great holidays, and about a month ago I returned from one of my favorite holidays to date. 10 days discovering the beautiful Montenegro. I took so many pictures on this trip that it has taken me this long to decide what and how to share everything this tiny country has to offer. Even at the end of this task I still found myself with so many photos… View Post

Commute reads ~ 2015 so far

I often ponder how it’s possible for weeks and months to pass by so quickly. Is it London life packed from the working week to weekend, or a stage of life where there’s always something to do, people to see or places to go? As I finished my fifth book of the year last week, I realised that we were six months into the year already and it prompted this frequent thought (albeit confused with the fact… View Post

The weekend edit #12

I started the weekend edit many months ago and have shamefully struggled to keep the posts going. The reason? I think it’s safe to say that life got in the way. Whilst I’ve had one eye on what’s going on in London through my favourite blogs, Instagram, and Time Out Tuesdays, I’ve also been busy at hen dos, weddings, birthdays, a holiday, and sorting stuff in the flat. So I haven’t been gathering those thoughts… View Post