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Wandering along the Regent’s Canal

One of the many contradictions about London is that despite being one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world, sometimes the best things to do really are free. There’s […]


The September Effect

Despite having finished studying and enjoying gloriously long summer holidays a good few years ago, September will always invite the feeling of a fresh start. It’s chance to think about […]


Snapshots of the city ~ Springing into March

The city breathed a sigh of relief when March finally arrived, signalling the end of a winter and the promise of spring. Throughout the month we were kindly treated to […]

Snapshots of the city ~ Flying through February

The four weeks of February flew by in the blink of an eye. It was inevitable after a low-key month. When you’ve spent weeks counting pennies, crawling through to pay-day, you want a month […]


Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Timberyard, Seven Dials

As we emerge out of the depths of winter those first weekends when the sun shines, hope springs, and everyone sighs with relief that the worst is (hopefully) over, are precious. Last weekend the sun shone, I […]


Fitness focus ~ The British 10K London Run

As we sail to the end of February my thoughts are starting to turn to spring. I’m day dreaming of lighter mornings, warmer temperatures and bright blossom decorating the pavements. At the same time I’m finally starting to think about getting […]


Snapshots of the city ~ The January challenge

We’re half way through February and January seems like a dim and distant memory. I don’t know about you but it’s easy to say the month was a challenge, finances were […]


Exploring Tate Britain

When you really think about it London’s museums and art galleries offer something for almost everyone, not just culture vultures and art buffs. If you have a vague interest in […]


City eats ~ Chicken Shop, Tooting

One of the many great things about London is that when you get a craving (particularly of the food kind), it’s unlikely that you’ll struggle to find somewhere to satisfy […]


On the radar: January 2014

Oh January, the quiet month of the year where we kick start our good intentions, aim to exercise more, eat better, drink less (or not at all) and try to spend as […]