After almost a month without internet, I’m finally back! We’ve sort of settled into our new home (albeit with very little furniture) and I’m slowly getting used to a completely new area. With life being quite hectic these last few months, I’m really disappointed to say that (in addition to a lack of regular blogging) I have failed on the reading goal over the first half of the year.  My work involves a lot of writing, reading and editing and from February… View Post

Between buying a house and being part of the MAKE FILMS course, I’ve been struggling to keep up with life and blogging of late. I hope you can bear with me until I’m settled in. On the upside, coming up with a film each week does mean I get to squeeze in something creative and do something fun so I can’t complain. Here’s my second film, the ever beautiful Columbia Road Flower Market. MAKE FILMS… View Post

I think I may have found one of London’s most cheerful cafes. I spotted Vanilla Black Coffee & Books on Instagram and knew instantly that I had to visit. Whilst yellow isn’t my favourite colour, it has got to be the happiest colour in the rainbow and it never fails to make me smile. How could I resist a cafe with a yellow espresso machine and matching yellow walls? So I made it my mission… View Post

I thought I’d share something a bit different today with a video of scenes from the weekend! It’s pretty much what happens when we have a relaxing weekend in London (with a bit of creative direction! 😉 ) MAKE FILMS – SCENES FROM THE WEEKEND – 20/21 MAY 2017 from Laura Pritchard on Vimeo. This is the first video from the Make Films course I’m taking part in, which is run by the fabulously creative… View Post

I’m a full believer that city escapes are good for the soul. Even though I love city life, there always a point where I just can’t bear crowded trains, hectic shops and busy restaurants. I crave more personal space, less noise and fewer people. Last weekend, I had reached that point. I knew I was getting there when we went to Ham House and I spent the rest of that weekend plotting a proper escape.… View Post

I’ve always thought that National Trust memberships were for older people. Now at 31, I don’t consider myself ‘old’ just yet but as James and I entered the gates of Ham House at the weekend, we seriously considered signing up on the spot. With an entry fee of £10.80 each versus a monthly direct debit of £9.00 between us that covers access to 100s of places, the numbers certainly add up. Yet, what appeals to… View Post