There’s nothing quite like a British seaside town. The sound of the arcade machines ringing, the sea breeze ruffling through my hair, the promise of ice cream and salty fish and chips by the sea for lunch or dinner. It still creates the same sense of excitement in my thirties as it did in my childhood. But instead of burning off my excitement running back and forth to the sea and making sandcastles, afternoons are spent… View Post

We left Arenal for Monteverde using one of the quickest option possible – a shuttle bus, a boat and another shuttle bus. The boat would take us across Lake Arenal, Costa Rica’s largest lake. It was expanded by the Government in 1979 and the dam that runs off it provides around 12% of the country’s electricity. Anything manmade in the midst of beautiful country sounds unappealing but it was all forgotten once we were out… View Post

Hasn’t it been lovely to finally enjoy some summer temperatures recently? Us Brits love nothing better than a heatwave to fire up our conversations, awkward silence is filled for a few minutes longer and those tricky Instagram captions are sorted for at least a few days (if not a few weeks thanks to #TBT and #Latergram). But when we’re not talking about the weather, we’re very happily enjoying it and rooftop antics have become almost obligatory during a London… View Post

When Summer rolls around I whip out the wishlist, eager to start ticking off my favourite activities in a season that feels short but oh so sweet. Although street food can usually be done all year round, in *almost* any weather, there’s something ridiculously satisfying about being able to eat in the warmth of the evening sun. So as soon as there was a glimpse of better weather ahead (back towards the end of May!)… View Post

James and I landed at San José airport in the middle of a torrential rain storm, greeted by a swarm of taxi drivers only too willing to take us to our next destination. After being suspended between time zones for 11 hours, my body surprised to find it was only 5pm instead of 12am, I was feeling dazed and confused so we had to pull aside to figure out exactly what we were meant to do next.… View Post

In what I’d call the ‘book drought’ that followed university and a social media addiction that began to peak in about 2009, if I read a book it was usually the result of a recommendation or from spotting an intriguing cover in WHSmith’s book charts whilst filling time at a train station. But since I gave myself a target of reading at least 12 books a year at the end of 2013, I’ve been much more proactive… View Post