The Weekend Edit #22 – Christmas edition!

Can you believe it’s December in a few days and Christmas in less than a month?! The festive season has certainly been building in London over the last few weeks, but I always find that the first day of December arrives with a bit of a bang. There’s a sudden urgency on buying presents and the diary immediately looks chaotic.  I’m left wondering when I might be able to get enough sleep between mulled wine, mince pies,… View Post

App review ~ I Hate Ironing

When I was a child I remember how my mum was pretty vigilant about getting the washing and ironing done each week. Every Sunday afternoon I’d find her listening to the radio or watching TV, getting through the mountain our family had created. It seemed like a simple relaxing task back then, and when I was helping out I think I even quite enjoyed it. But these days washing and ironing is just a chore and I don’t… View Post

Video ~ A Sunny Saturday in London

Hello! I hope you’ve had a great weekend and you’re not suffering too badly from the Sunday or Monday blues as you read this. I’ve been a bit absent on the blog this week as I’ve not been feeling as inspired lately. I decided that it was best not to force it and come up with a bad post, but to just see what happened this weekend. As you can guess from the title I… View Post

The Weekend Edit #21

This week I reached my 6th anniversary since moving to London. I thought these fornightly posts came around quickly but SIX YEARS, they really have flown by. As each year comes around I can’t quite believe how things have changed since the weekend my dad drove me down from Birmingham (somewhat terrified by London drivers) with a van full of my stuff, and all the things I’ve experienced since then. The friends I’ve made, the… View Post

Coffee spot ~ Story Coffee, Clapham

When I first started blogging I decided one of the things I’d write about was the great places to enjoy a coffee or two. It was during the time when it felt like there was another wave of the coffee revolution going on so there were plenty of new places to choose from. I was also working on sorting my finances so it seemed an affordable way to find new places, get out to an area… View Post

City escapes ~ Pottering around Porto – Day 3

After our first two days in Porto being dampened by grey skies and drizzle, you wouldn’t believe how happy we were to step out of our hotel into the glorious, early Autumn sunshine we’d been expecting all along. However, it was just our luck that the finest day of our stay was also the shortest, with our flight booked for that very evening. I strongly had to resist the desire to retrace all our steps… View Post