The choice of great places to eat in London can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you need to make a quick decision like where to go for lunch. There have been a few times when my brain goes completely blank, I know there’s a list of places I want to visit but can I think of one of them? Nope. Luckily, in the last year or so there’s one place that’s become my go-to Soho… View Post

2016 is flying by so fast I can barely keep up. It feels a bit like being on a speedboat to 2017, when I’d rather be on one of the gentle barges I see every day near the office, taking things in properly as I go by. The last month or so has been jam-packed with birthdays and the start of wedding season (i.e. hen dos!), so I’m really not sure what happened to March… View Post

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was sitting at the family table with my sister, eating chicken nuggets, potato smiles and beans for dinner. But daily eating trends and being an adult means that what I eat on a regular basis seems to have changed a lot since then. Whilst convenience food still thrives (and I’ve probably eaten 70% of M&S’ ready meals!), the ‘no nasties’ trend of fresh produce, top quality meats and health boosters… View Post

As I squeezed myself onto a crammed Northern Line this morning our Spring trip to Sark felt like it could have been part of my imagination. A fictional place from a book I’d been reading even. It’s hard to believe amidst the rush of city life, where personal space comes at a premium, that there’s somewhere in the world where there are no cars, few people and the only sounds you’ll hear are birds chirruping… View Post

Happy Good Fridayyyyy! Doesn’t it feel like such a treat to end the week away from work? It makes that Friday feeling a whole lot better. The mini holiday seems to have crept up on me out of no where, largely due to the fact James and I booked our trip to the Channel Islands back in January and I didn’t think much more about it until this week. So, as I post this I’m sat… View Post

Even after James and I moved in together I never thought we’d really find the need to organise date nights. I guess I just assumed we’d spend more quality time together since we were going to share a little flat and we’d go out for dinner and do nice things as we always had. A year on, over half way into my 30th year with a 2016 full of weddings, hen dos, stag dos, 30ths,… View Post