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Hello! Welcome to This City Life London!  My name’s Laura and I’m the writer behind this UK lifestyle blog.  I’m not a Londoner in the true sense being originally from Birmingham, but I love this brilliant city and exploring the best it has to offer.

I launched This City Life back in January 2012 to motivate myself and others to get out there and discover all of the great things London has to offer.  I also fancied my own piece of the world wide web so I could embrace my love of writing and taking a good photograph.

So here I share my thoughts on and photographs of the old and the new, the well known and must-see, plus plenty of places off the beaten tourist track. 

As the posts have gone by I’ve learnt more and more about the things I love to do in my spare time.  This means you’ll find plenty of posts on sumptuous cocktails, fresh coffee hotspots, cakes for the sweet tooth, outdoor spaces to relax in, and great exhibitions worth absorbing. As life in a capital city isn’t cheap, from time to time, I’ll also share a few things you can enjoy at home.

If you’d like to join me in discovering what continues to make This City Life in London so great, and find the things you really love doing, follow this blog and get involved!

Laura x

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