Next Saturday I’ll be hosting an afternoon tea in aid of the Motor Neurones Disease association, as I’ve never made muffins before I wanted to trial out a recipe to make sure that I wasn’t going to have any disasters next week. I chose lemon poppy seed muffins as I love lemon cakes.  The recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s website, taken from “the muffin lady. Muffins, cupcakes and quick breads for the happy soul” by Linda Fisher. … View Post

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a well-earned drink, particularly a flavoursome cocktail with a good friend.  After a hectic week in and out of the office, it seemed only right to arrange a cocktail hour and release the week’s tensions. We chose Adventure Bar in Clapham as it was convenient and I’m always happy to return to where I spent my first year in London.  I’d not been there before which I can only… View Post

After spending the weekend in my university town Leicester, I’ve realised just how different city life is compared to the carefree days as a student.  I can’t help but indulge in a little nostalgia for a life I loved and often would like to relive again (for a few days or weeks anyway). I think what I miss the most is the simplicity, life then was all about trying to read like superman, caffeine fuelled… View Post

Snow is my second most favourite weekend weather, it will never beat those rare hot summer’s days, but it has the power to transform a city into a winter wonderland and make most of us Brits smile. As this weekend was the first snowfall of the winter I was pretty excited to get out for a nice long stroll.  One of the great things about London is its parks, for such a big city there… View Post

I’m fascinated by the skill of wildlife photographers and the lengths they go to capture spectacular moments in the wild.  I was gripped by the BBC’s Frozen Planet series and so I couldn’t miss visiting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Similarly to Frozen Planet, the exhibition shows that skill and determination is definitely required to capture wildlife on the ground, underwater, in arctic conditions and the hot African… View Post

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is one of those rare places which gracefully meets expectations.  I love places with history, character and an air of romance and, as a 19th century building brought back to life after 26 years of neglect, I was not disappointed. Lunch in the Booking Office Restaurant provides a great opportunity to take in the building’s gothic architecture without paying the 5 star hotel bill.  Its former life as a ticket… View Post