It’s Thursday, which means I’m getting pretty thirsty for the weekend. Are you? Most of my weekend will be spent trying to choose where to go for this year’s Open House London and getting in a bit of chill time to myself. But tomorrow night I’m hosting a small cocktail party with some friends and it reminded me that I needed to tell you about Seymour’s Parlour. A much more decandent lounge than my own, offering delicious… View Post

There’s so much I could tell you about St Paul’s Cathedral, where do I start?! The invisible protected line of sight that shapes the new buildings that continue to be added to the city’s skyline? Its immense scale that will never fail to make my mouth drop a little in awe? A history that spans over 1,000 years? Well I’m going to take the easy route and just go back 350 years to 1666, a date we should… View Post

Over the last few years I’ve been enjoying day trips out of London more and more. After getting my city fix Monday to Friday for almost 7 years now, hopping on a short train somewhere adds a breath of fresh air to the weekend and forces me to take a slower steps and unwind. I’ve had Cambridge on my list for years, it’s only an hour away from London by train so I can’t believe… View Post

I’m always reflective around my birthday. It’s pretty close to what was (and still is for many!) the school year so that sense of an opportunity for a refresh starts to come to mind. It’s also a marker for a new year just for me and a chance to look back and see how things have gone. I wrote about turning 30 last year and I was inspired by Becky’s post to write about what actually being in my 30s has felt… View Post

London’s most colourful streets are always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. From gentle pastels hues to rainbow brights, colour-coordinated flower baskets, and contrasting front doors. I can’t get enough. I instantly ponder about which house I’d choose (usually mint green or pink), whether you have to get permission to repaint it to another colour and the stories of the lucky residents behind those closed doors. I’ve been feeling a bit tired and grumpy… View Post

Did you know that for the last few years Tate has been building an extension to the already unfathomable-y huge, needs-a-whole-day-to-visit, Tate Modern? I had no idea until the press launch and the 360 degree view crept into my Instagram feed a few weeks ago. From what I was seeing, just the building itself gave reason enough to put it on the London to-do list. Switch House, named after the part of the original Bankside Powerstation that the new… View Post