As I peeked behind the blinds of our hotel in my PJs on the second morning of our trip, I couldn’t have been happier to see cloudless skies and the promise of a sunny day ahead. When you’re in a country like Iceland getting up early is easy. From what I’d seen in the first 36 hours I was sure that our next adventure along the South Coast would be just as stunning. Since we… View Post

As you might expect, London does the hotel restaurant quite well. Far from the buffet English breakfasts of the UK’s favourite hotel chains (the saviours of post-wedding hangovers), in the capital you’ll be able to find a more sophisticated offering. From the luxurious heights of Claridges, to the cosyiness of The Hoxton Holborn and the uber-trendy Ace Hotel. There’s something for everyone. But you don’t need to spend a small fortune in an overnight stay to sample the style each… View Post

I’m SO excited to finally share our trip to Iceland with you, partly because I get to relive the memories but also because (as I’m sure you’re already aware) it’s a beautiful country. I’d organised the trip for James’ 30th birthday at the end of September and was impressed that I’d managed to keep it secret to the day we actually flew (almost 9 months!) It was pretty strange getting excited about somewhere when the other person… View Post

During the colder months, I always associate Sundays with walks through the park, an endless supply of tea and biscuits (why are Maryland cookies so moreish?!), a hearty roast dinner and some kind of period drama. It was a good way to break up study sessions and it’s the perfect way to relax these days. When Vanessa and I were organising a catch up a few weeks ago, we both agreed that meeting up in… View Post

Autumn, another season that never lasts long enough in my opinion. One minute we’re just saying goodbye to summer, the next the clocks have changed, it’s dark at 5pm and we’re wondering about how to survive the shorter days of winter. I’ve tried to make the most of the golden season over the last couple of weeks, with plenty of green spaces in London there’s and endless supply of golden hues and crunch leaves. I hope… View Post

You can never make too many visits to Kew Gardens and I’d even say it’s a must-visit if you’re spending a week in the capital. Its 300 acre patch on the banks of the Thames is enough to keep you coming back again and again. But, as I’ve said before, it’s the changing seasons that will have you captivated each time. Originally the gardens to Kew Palace, started by the same man that created Chelsea… View Post