One of the things I’m known for amongst my friends is my love of good coffee. It hasn’t always been this way, in fact I didn’t even like coffee until after university. But in the early days of blogging, when a wave of independent coffee shops were sweeping through London, I discovered an enjoyment for not only the taste of speciality coffee but the place offered to enjoy it in. I wrote about my love… View Post

Going underground is part and parcel of every day life in London. In fact, after a few weeks of living here you don’t even think about millions of people travelling around like ants many metres below ground. So you may be wondering why I chose to visit a deep-level shelter, 30 metres beneath Clapham South station. Surely it’s just like every other journey below ground? As we clambered down the stairs, sirens blaring, I was… View Post

I often approach places at the end of the underground lines with scepticism, whether rightly so or not they just seem like far away places, not helped by their names. Cockfosters always gets a chuckle (I know immature), Morden obviously sounds like Mordor, Amersham out in zone 9 doesn’t seem like it could still count as London at all. However, when it comes to the much loved Victoria Line, I’ve been more open to find out what’s in store. Brixton has been a weekend destination for a while,… View Post

Every year I get ridiculously excited (for a 30 something) about pancake day. I think the feeling is hard wired into my brain. For as long as I can remember, at this time every year, I couldn’t get home quick enough. No need to ask what’s for dinner, no enforced balanced meal, just as many pancakes as I could imagine and the toppings of my choosing. Even as an adult, when I could eat pancakes… View Post

After being taken down by the flu this last week, the beginning of January seems like a long time ago. (Doesn’t the month drag its heels!) Whilst I don’t love January, I actually don’t mind the down time too much as it usually means I feel less guilty about staying in to keep cosy, I’m more motivated to do life admin and my wages go further than they usually do (I get paid mid month,… View Post

2016 was one of my best years yet on the reading front. I finally managed to smash my target of 12 books over the year (one book a month) and even read of total of 15 books. I think it was a mixture of determination, a reasonable amount of travel, some great books and discovering new ways to find my next book. I’m hopeful for 2017 and I’m looking forward to seeing what books make… View Post