When Summer rolls around I whip out the wishlist, eager to start ticking off my favourite activities in a season that feels short but oh so sweet. Although street food can usually be done all year round, in *almost* any weather, there’s something ridiculously satisfying about being able to eat in the warmth of the evening sun. So as soon as there was a glimpse of better weather ahead (back towards the end of May!) James and I went slightly South-East to check out Hawker House.

Last year, Street Feast found a fourth home in Canada Water, filling a cavernous warehouse with thirst-quenching drinks and tasty dining options. I didn’t manage to get there before the temperatures tumbled and social hibernation began, but when I heard it was planning to take on a tropical vibe for summer I was keen to squeeze it into a bit of a busy summer schedule. So the begining of summer it was!

We arrived before 7pm to find the place virtually to ourselves.


Plenty of space to consider each option without the worry of having to make a quick decision and join a big queue. We were starving so we started small with street food favourites, Breddos.


Crispy fried chicken on a soft tortilla, topped with crunchy carrot and onion and a spicy sauce.


The combination of textures and flavours was delicious.

Before we carried onto our next dish we wandered around, Hawker House (or any street food event) is a great place to people watch. Doesn’t everyone seem so happy enjoying street food?



Bob’s Lobster won the award for snazziest set up.


But I had my eye on Yum Bun from the start.


Who can resist those fluffy buns and that super succulent pork belly?


James was ready to move on to his main pretty quickly and joined the queue for Smokestak.


Naturally I had to sample the juicy meat and salty chips, whilst I sipped on my cocktail. (Blogger research purposes and all that…) The meat was lip-smackingly good. The rum cocktail got me into the summer vibe.


Before I made my mains choice I made sure I double checked all of the options available, returning back inside…


And examining the tiki huts outside.


I was keen to try some street food I hadn’t had before so I went for Yu kyu.


I could have eaten all of these options but when an ample portion of fried chicken and potato wedges was handed to me, I realised there was no chance I’d squeeze in pumpkin croquettes too. If only you could temporarily grow a bigger belly for greedy occassions like these.


It did make a nice change to the pulled pork I’m often drawn to on evenings like this, but I struggled to eat it all. I was also tactically saving space for dessert. There was no way I was going home without trying Chin Chin’s nitro ice-cream.


It was like watching a science experiment, seeing dry ice swirl up form the food mixers and blow torches burn marshmellow topped hot chocolates.


(I’ll be going back for one of those come autumn!)

But the end result was more delicious than anything I’d have managed at school.


Burnt caramel ice-cream sandwiched between a cookie/brownie sprinkled with flecks of salt. Yummy! I definitely need to go to their ice cream parlour in Camden now.

Fully satisified and carrying a decent food baby we left the revellers to enjoy the rest of the evening and wandered back towards home in the sunshine.


A lovely early summer street feasting. I’ve definitely got the taste for it again. I’ve got my eye on Little Market before the summer’s end (Read Jessi’s review here!)

_ _ _ _

Hawker House is pretty family friendly early in the evening and great for groups later on. It felt much more spacious than the ones I’ve been to that are closer to the city, which gives it a more laid-back vibe.

It’s open Friday (5pm to late) and Saturday (Noon to late). It’s less than five minutes away from the tube station, on the Jubilee line and Overground.

Have you been street feasting yet this summer?

After eight months of being a Tooting resident I’m surprised to say that this is my first full post about the area! I knew hardly anything about what to expect before I moved, just that I could get a nicer place for my budget than Clapham and Balham and that I had some good friends there to show me around. Over the months I’ve enjoyed plenty of trips to its Antic Pubs and have seen some encouraging developments that make it a pretty exciting area to live in right now.

Tooting Market is one of my most recent discoveries. Open since 1930 it’s got a long history as an indoor market, during the day you’ll find all the usual low-price wares and fast-food dishes that you might expect. But at night you can now discover a different scene to satisfy your appetite, the supperclub. I got quite excited when I heard about their first mexican event but sadly didn’t get tickets in time, so when Alex from The Frugality tweeted the link to their Filipino event with Kusina Ni Lola I was quick to find out if I was free and could take someone there with me. Luckily my sister and I grabbed the very last ticket.

So last Saturday we snuck through the shutters of the market to discover what out-of-hours treats were inside.


The darkness of the night market was lit by colourful hanging lights and a crowd of dinners leisurely chatted whilst waiting for the supper to begin.


The total cost of the meal was £25 and this included one of their home-made cocktails, inspired by the Filipino focus of the evening.


Tucked in the corner I also discovered Brindlesticks, a quirky little bar in the market that’s open every Thursday and offers a range of drinks (including mulled apple cider!) alongside some live music. It’s open for these events too so you can grab extra drinks with your dinner.


Once it looked like everyone had arrived we hunted out our seats.


The candlelit tables were grouped in 6s and 12s, meaning you could have fun amongst a group and have a chat with your neighbours.


Our lovely Filipina cook, Rowena Sison-Young, introduced the evening and explained the dishes they’d be serving. Sadly as you can see the lighting was pretty dark and my camera skills weren’t quite up to the job of capturing all the food! But to give you a bit of an idea of the kind of thing you might expect in the future, we were served a starter of spring rolls (one of which we had to roll ourselves!), followed by rice with the choice of two authentic Filipino mains, and finally a pineapple upside down cake soaked in rum with a coconut macaroon.  I was pretty impressed how they fed everyone out of such a tiny kitchen! As I assume with most supperclubs you do need a little patience as they get all of the meals out to everyone, but you can of course fill yourself with a drink or two and some friendly chat with your neighbour whilst you wait!

The evening ended with fun and games to win drinks for the table.

My sister and I agreed that it was a lovely evening and we’d definitely go back for other events at Tooting Market. One of the organisers said there were some great events planned ahead so I’m excited to see how the market will develop!

We bought our tickets via Edible Experiences, I believe they’ll be supporting all future events at Tooting Market, but if this doesn’t quite take your fancy (or you’re not from the South West) they have a great range of other food events across London to check out!

Have you enjoyed a supperclub? Have you been to any great places in Tooting or the South West I should check out?

Street Feast and Tweat Up are unstoppable forces of street food festival brilliance, helping to feed thousands of Londoners top quality food at prices that don’t break the bank.  Truck Stop London is one of their latest collaborations and after enjoying a Friday night feast earlier this month it’s safe to say it was another success. Sadly there aren’t any further dates planned but I thought you might be interested about the tasty food I got my hands on and what you can expect from their events.

Street food is all about eating outdoors amongst hungry crowds, down in a part of the city where it’s OK to eat with your fingers and risk sauce on your face. Wood Wharf seemed like a surprising location, behind the gleaming glass buildings of Canary Wharf, but venture across the water and it becomes more about finding food than funds.


With so much food on offer we decided to gather our thoughts and appetites at the bar set up by Rotary.


Beer, wine and cocktails, all you really need to get your Friday night started! We received $10 dollars to spend at the bar as part of our £10 ticket fee, so we went for festival sized cocktails all round.


Then it was time for the difficult point of the evening, deciding what to eat. If you’re not able to eat everything in sight you need to be tactical. Check out what’s there and select your top choices, or perhaps share with a friend or two. (If you have any other strategies for tackling eyes bigger than your belly do leave a comment!)

Burgers often top my list as they satisfy my hunger in just a few mouthfuls. After hearing that Bleecker St Burger won the London Burger Bash this year there was no chance I was going to miss out on their meaty goodness. It seems my friends had the same idea:


Time to find a seat and demolish our purchase.


YUM! What a burger. For those who like a traditional cheese burger this is for you. Light bun, a top quality burger cooked perfectly, with a nice cheesy layer in between.

But if you really want cheese Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese is a must.


After devouring a portion at Glastonbury I had to introduce my sister to it, so we shared the Kanye Western. The original Mac n Cheese with hot dogs, crispy onions and barbeque sauce.


I was starting to feel surprisingly full at this stage so we had a rest, enjoyed the atmosphere and watched a rainbow cross over Yum Bun.


It’s definitely the kind of night to enjoy with a group of friends, or perhaps make some new ones over your favorite foods.


After chatting and inspecting what everyone else had eaten we went in search of our next course. Mine, a pot of chicken from Mother Clucker.


Sadly in a moment of hastyness I deleted the picture of the mouthfuls of tasty southern fried chicken. But I can tell you I would definitely track them down again, crunchy coating and soft chicken, delicious. It was also the perfect option when you can’t quite fit in another full sized portion.

One thing you may find with all this good food around is queues. Of course if you’re clever you can manage your time by sending one person to the trucks and one person to the bar!


More mojitos please.


Good food also means a mixed crowd and although you might expect it to be city workers in location like Wood Wharf, the line up attracts all sorts, even the canine kind!


I couldn’t round off an evening without something to satisfy my sweet tooth so we shared some donuts with salted caramel sauce from FishDog.


And with our appetities satisfied we went off into the night.


If you haven’t done a street food festival yet, you really must keep an eye on the Street Feast and Tweat Up twitter feeds!

Do you enjoy a good street food event? What festivals have you managed this year?

I’m sad to report that Feast London has been and gone for another year. It was my first ever feast and let’s just say it was one of the best eating indulgences I’ve ever had. Although there’s a years wait for the next one, there were some familiar food vendors to try so I thought I’d give a low down on what I thought and managed to fit in. If you went this year or in previous years, let me know what you indulged in!!

For those who haven’t heard about Feast London, it’s basically a food festival where London’s finest street food and on-trend foodie joints get together to give you a taster of the best they have to offer. It takes place under one roof, this year Tobacco Dock.

Unless you’ve got hollow legs or a big stomach first thing you need to do on arrival is suss out what’s on offer.


We warmed the stomach up with a little macaron from Le Petit Paris.


Then got onto the main courses. First up a pulled pork roll from Beard to Tail.

Beard-to-Tail, pulled pork roll - Feast London

Succulent, spicy and a perfect portion for a first course. I’ve wanted to check this place out since it opened in Shoreditch last year. Given that its run by the guys behind Calloh Callay, I sense a visit for food and a cocktail hour is in order!

It was pretty chilly Saturday so we decided to wash it down with a hot cider from the wine cellar and enjoyed it under the Dock’s arches lit by candles and twinkly lights.


Next up, pizza by the brothers behind Pizza Pilgrims. A duo that often pops up at the city’s most popular street food events and had a roof top location in East London last summer. (I overheard a conversation that a permanent location is in progress so watch this space…)

Pizza Pilgrims - Feast London

We shared a margherita and it ticked all the right boxes – thin base, good tomato topping, right amount of mozzarella, and fresh basil. Definitely the finest food to be cooked out of the back of a van to say the least.

We took a seat, let the food settle and did a bit of people watching. It was interesting to see it attracted a wide audience at the lunch session, couples, families, groups of friends, all enjoying a good meal or three.


We felt that we needed to quench our thirst before we moved on to another course so we hit Background Bar for a cocktail and sipped it in front of the live music.

Live Music -Feast London

As soon as we felt we could fit some more food in we had another look around for our last courses. It was a tough choice! Anna Maesinfamous macaroni, Patty & Bun’s perfect burgers, a tasty lamb burger from Dishoom to name a few! We settled on sharing some pea and ham arancini from Frederick’s.

Fredericks -Pea and Ham Arancini

Followed by a cheese burger from Elliot’s.

Elliots Cheese Burger

Passionate about their produce, whilst we waited for our burgers they explained the content. 45-day aged beef, a special pickled butter, home made ketchup and mustard, Comté cheese, and  brioche baked in their own oven. Seriously goooood. You can find them yourself at Borough Market if your mouth is watering right now. (Read this review by Burger Me if you want your stomach to rumble too!)

As you can imagine we went home with a full stomach, our appetite satisfied for the rest of the day (if not the weekend!)

Have you been to Feast London? Or tried of the foodie finds in this post?

P.S. I just remembered that I also managed to squeeze in a coffee and half a brownie from Caravan! Quite the feast!

Oh what a glorious taste of spring we got this weekend! Perfect for a plan-free weekend, the first of the year and back to being a South Londoner again for me. Also perfect for hitting a market that you’ve had your eye on for a while, mine – Brixton Village. It’s one of those places I’ve heard great things about but actually read very little about. All I knew was that it was a great place for foodie finds, in South-West London, that was all I needed to add it to my list.

Two of my lovely friends who’ve been a few times kindly offered to show me around. A short walk and a tube swap later, we were wandering around the market arcade.


The first thing you’ll find before you get to the heart of the food action is that it seems like a pretty normal market. Fish mongers, fruit and veg stalls, clothes, nothing that stands out as being all that original. As far as I could tell, it was all about the arcade.


There’s still the fish mongers, fruit and veg stalls and shops full of nik naks. But you quickly realise the main attraction is not buying food to take home, it’s about sitting down and enjoying it! On every turn and corner you’ll find something between a mini restaurant and street food stall.

There seemed to be something for everyone and basically you either wait for a seat at your restaurant of choice, or find a table that’s not taken. Our choice happened to be a bit of both, we were eager to try Thai and there were a few tables available.


KaoSarn offers seats both inside and outside (where you get a blanket to keep you toasty). The menu is quite short but you’ll be sure to find your Thai favourites.

I decided on the spring rolls.


Followed by a red curry.


It was all tasty and seemed like pretty authentic Thai cuisine. The only problem with going for something you’ve eaten a few times is that it’s rare that you’ll get anything all that different from what you’ve had before, and this is what I found with my order.

Washed down with a Diet Coke, the end bill was about £15 each. Not too bad for a pretty filling lunch in London. So if you like this cuisine and have a spare afternoon or evening I recommend giving it a go.

Top tip – take cash. It’s a market after all and I don’t remember seeing card readers!

There are so many other places to check out at Brixton Village I definitely think I’ll be back, I’d be interested to see what it’s like in the evening.

Have you been to Brixton Village? Would you recommend anywhere in particular?