Where to see Autumn in London

Autumn, another season that never lasts long enough in my opinion. One minute we’re just saying goodbye to summer, the next the clocks have changed, it’s dark at 5pm and we’re wondering about how to survive the shorter days of winter. I’ve tried to make the most of the golden season over the last couple of weeks, with plenty of green spaces in London there’s and endless supply of golden hues and crunch leaves.

I hope we’ve got a least one more week to enjoy it all before winter arrives. So just in case we’re able to squeeze a bit more out of the season, I’ve put together a list of places I’ve been to recently and over the years to inspire your adventures. (Of course, you could also add them to your visit list for next year too.)

This list is by no means comprehensive, but if I find any more places worth of a visit at this time of year I’ll be sure to add them.

Deer at golden hour at Richmond Park. A couple of years ago, I made a random trip to Richmond during early November. I can’t remember the reason other than to perhaps visit the deer. I must have left much later than planned as most of my pictures are as the sun was setting, but it was such a beautiful time to explore. Golden leaves and golden light, what a combination.



Rustling leaves in the breeze at Hyde Park. My regular running route goes through Hyde Park. It definitely gives a good incentive to get some exercise when the views are as pretty as this during autumn. The other week I escaped the office at just the right time to watch the sunset and listen to those huge trees rustle in the wind.


Canalside beauty at Little Venice. I’m incredibly lucky to work around the corner from lovely Little Venice as it’s one of the best places to watch the seasons change. I don’t get out there half as much as I’d like to. After two weeks of not being able to leave the office much due to a busy work load, I couldn’t believe how different it all looked. The pictures don’t do it justice at all.




Grand estates at Hampstead Heath. I’m yet to write about Kenwood House (post coming soon…) but the grounds of Hampstead Heath are well worth visiting at this time of year. Take shade in the last remaining leaves and watch them float along the path with the wind.


(Next year I’m going to try to return to explore the houses of the local neighbourhood, I’ve seen some stunning sights on Instagram!)

First light at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was a stroke of luck to see the sunlight break through the rain clouds on my way to an early morning meeting the other week, but I loved the contrast of those golden leaves with the against the Cathedral backdrop.


All the autumn colours at Kew Gardens. I might have written about this recently but it couldn’t be left out of the list.


The boulevards at Regent’s Park. They make me come back every year. They just look and smell SO autumnal.




Local loveliness at your nearest park. If you can’t get into London before night falls (it can be a lot harder than it seems), make sure you get out to your nearest park during your lunch break or over the weekend to soak up the season. I went to Morden Hall Park today and it was just beautiful.


Do you have a favourite place to visit during Autumn?