Rooftop crazy golf ~ Birdies, Stratford

Hasn’t it been lovely to finally enjoy some summer temperatures recently? Us Brits love nothing better than a heatwave to fire up our conversations, awkward silence is filled for a few minutes longer and those tricky Instagram captions are sorted for at least a few days (if not a few weeks thanks to #TBT and #Latergram). But when we’re not talking about the weather, we’re very happily enjoying it and rooftop antics have become almost obligatory during a London summer. With the streets shaded by buildings and the parks in high demand it feels like the only way to go is up. Luckily, the city gets pretty creative with its rooftop options and it turns out that those unassuming (and let’s face it pretty ugly) car parks have been hogging some great views, making them the place to explore this summer.

The guys behind The Rooftop Film Club caught on to the discovery pretty early on, picking some great locations a few summers ago for a series of sellout pop up film dates. They were testing out the capital’s appetite for crazy golf with their subterranean course through Waterloo’s underground railway tunnels during the winter, deciding to bring out Birdies for the summer, eight floors up to the top of Stratford Car Park.

I had two of my closest friends around at the weekend so out came a floaty summer dress, money got exchanged for a cup of Pimms and then we clambered up to find some putting fun.


We booked our Tee time in advance, choosing a pre-dinner slot, and grabbed beers and ciders from the main bar to enjoy in the sunshine, before descending into our competitive sides.

Birdies has nine holes and you can play in teams of up to four people. As we were a group of five we split into teams of boys and girls and got started.


Let’s just say that I’m a bit of a fluke golfer, achieving success by hitting the ball in the direction I think might do the trick. Unfortunately, this technique didn’t go so well with a team of better players, but it was fun to take part and watch everyone have a go.

We reached the ninth hole in about 25 minutes.


I was a complete failure, not even being able to get the ball to go around the loop. Lucinda (above) and Danielle were much better and the boys had some good luck, but the hole-in-one seemed pretty impossible (as it did around the whole course in my opinion 😉 )

As we were finishing up, a queue had formed and the bar was starting to fill up for the golden hour.


I grabbed this great view before we hopped into the lift for dinner and a few more drinks.


_ _ _ _

Birdies crazy golf is a fun addition to an evening and would be a great date or group activity. As it only took half an hour I’d plan to enjoy a few drinks, grab some food or maybe watch a film to make a night of it. It’s open from 5pm in the week (except Mondays) and 12pm at the weekend. I’m sure I saw a sign saying it’d be open earlier during the school summer holidays so keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

If you don’t fancy heading out East, Putt in the Park is a great south of the river alternative.

Have you visited any rooftops yet this summer?



  1. July 22, 2016 / 3:15 pm

    I went here recently and absolutely love it – I had so much fun! The burgers there are so good too – I ate and drank way too much in the midst of playing golf.

    Kassie – www,

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      July 22, 2016 / 3:22 pm

      Oooh good to know that the food was tasty! We didn’t stay long after the golf but it looked like a fun place to spend a summer’s evening and watch the sun go down! x