Lunch at Le Bab, Kingly Court

The choice of great places to eat in London can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you need to make a quick decision like where to go for lunch. There have been a few times when my brain goes completely blank, I know there’s a list of places I want to visit but can I think of one of them? Nope. Luckily, in the last year or so there’s one place that’s become my go-to Soho option, Kingly Court.

Accessed through a small entrance off Carnaby Street, Kingly Court could easily be missed. It was originally a place to find boutique shops, the only time I ever went in there was at Christmas to see it decked out in twinkling lights. But over the last couple of years some great restaurants have moved in and I’ve been slowly working my way around the options. I’ve shared the brilliant Cahoots before, this time I thought I’d share one of the latest additions up on the top floor – Le Bab.


Le Bab’s unique selling point is its gourmet kebabs brought to you by Michelin-trained chefs.

“We combine brilliant seasonal ingredients and the wood-fired flavours of the Middle East, near East and South Asia. We cook on a wood and charcoal-fired robata.” (Source).

It’s more the kind of food you might expect to find on holiday than in your local kebab shop. The beautiful blue-tiled decor and bright light helps create this atmosphere from the outset (if only we had the beautiful warm weather to go with it!)


James and I decided to go there for lunch on a bit of a miserable Saturday afternoon as a quick pit stop whilst shopping (another bonus about Kingly Court!). We’d missed the main rush arriving after 2pm, so the restaurant was pretty quiet.

I decided a cocktail was in order, it was a Saturday afternoon afternoon and went for a refreshing Passionfruit Caiphrina.


Tangy, tart and pretty easy to drink.

We were hungry but we weren’t starving so we both went for the main event and ordered a kebab.


They’d ran out of the pork James wanted to try so we twinned up and went for the Corn fed chicken shish; Squash hummus, pickles, chicken crackling, Le ‘Bab toum, biber, heritage carrot tops. It all tasted deliciously fresh, there were some great flavours (I just love that chargrilled meat flavour, it totally reminds me of BBQs and holidays) and they’d obviously thought about the textures too.

I couldn’t resist the idea of the fondue fries so we shared a portion.


The chips were great but I wasn’t really wowed by the sauce. It arrived with a bit of a skin and tasted like gravy, when I was sort of expecting something more cheesy.

Overall, I thought it was a great addition to Kingly Court. Le Bab offers a simple dish packed with flavour, that was fairly reasonably priced for central London, in a pretty and relaxed atmosphere. The service could have been a bit quicker but it wasn’t really complaint-worthy.

Le Bab is open Monday to Saturday, 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm, and Sunday 12pm – 7pm. You can find Kingly Court here.


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Have you been to any of Kingly Court’s restaurants? Have you found a favourite yet?



  1. April 30, 2016 / 5:49 pm

    I really need to get here next! I’m determined to make my way around Kingly Court, I always enjoy it!

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      April 30, 2016 / 5:51 pm

      Me too, there are just so many good places there now. Señor Ceviche is next on my list!

  2. May 2, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    Kingly Court is such a good spot for lunch nowadays- I really love Shoryu ramen (for the obvious) and Dirty Bones for a burger feast!

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      May 2, 2016 / 4:53 pm

      I haven’t tried Shoryu yet but Dirty Bones is great! I love their fried chicken!