Sweet treats ~ Yolkin Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

The other week I realised that after writing my 2016 wishlist I had completely abandoned it in favour of the winter hibernation associated with January and February. The realisation gave me a sudden dose of determination that I would not let this fall by the way side, which is so easy once the optimistic new year fades with the comfort of day to day life. So I reminded myself later that day what was on the list and quickly decided Yolkin’s Macaron Ice Cream was the first box I was going to tick.

I love macarons, I love ice cream and from what I’d seen and read the combination was guaranteed to be deliciously pretty.

You might think that I should have saved anything with ice cream involved for the summer. Well…, I spotted Sammi and her Yolkin treats had been featured in the Evening Standard, which surely means longer queues now (not to mention in the summer). Ice cream is also an all-year round treat to me and my intake usually just doubles up over the summer so the below 10 degree temperatures weren’t much of a deterrent.

You can only get your hands on these beauties every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm and when they’re gone they’re gone, which of course makes them more desirable too.

Sammi posts the four flavours she’ll be selling on her Instagram account every Tuesday. When this post went up last week I was sold.

Flavours for 27th & 28th Feb! #yolkinflavours

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I’ve since realised that I’d be sold on at least one flavour every week and when I saw that my favourite ice cream flavour (mint choc chip) went up this week I was a little sad that I was out of town this weekend. Search the hashtag #yolkinflavours on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

The picture of the goods just sealed the deal really.

Sunday was the chosen day as I had plans on Saturday, and truth be told I needed to take James along so I could try two flavours. Thanks to both of us forgetting to buy any proper breakfast, ice cream it was! There’s nothing like the thrill of a bit of 30 something ‘adulting’.

We joined a modest queue at Sammi’s current outpost.


Whaam Banh Mi at 40 Great Windmill Street (a few metres from Piccadilly tube).

A few minutes later I was running out of the shop to get stuck in. Photos first…


I had the Red Velvet, which was cream cheese frosting flavoured ice cream, sandwiched between a white chocolate macaron and dusted with homemade red velvet cake. It was tricky to eat straight away, but once I’d gathered my patience and let it thaw a little I was right in there.

I wasn’t disappointed, such a good combination! A chewy yet crunchy macaron, and a flavour of ice cream I’d actually not eaten before (which becomes difficult to achieve as I love the stuff so much).


James had the cookies and cream. He’s actually not much of a fan of macarons but I am a little determined to change his mind, partly so I can buy them more often and not feel guilty for eating the whole packet. I’m pleased to report he liked it too!

Aside from the delicious goods, what I also liked about Yolkin is the fact that it’s run by Sammi who is so humble about her success. She brought together the combination by trying to find a way to use up the eggs left over from making macarons and clearly works hard to keep our interest alive with treats almost to pretty to eat and great flavours. Small businesses with exciting and creative creations make living in London just that bit more exciting, don’t you think?

It was a great start to getting through the wishlist. I’ve already got brunch at Duck & Waffle booked in, I just need to try not to forget about the rest.

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Have you tried Yolkin’s Macaron Ice Creams?