Happy holidays!


Like every other year, December has flashed by in a blur of Christmas lights, more shopping trips than any other month, pre-Christmas catch ups and visits to see family. London has delivered the finest of festive scenes and I’ve loved hunting for the most luxurious wreaths. But I’m SO ready to put my feet up and delve into the depths of relaxation that can only be reached at this time of year.

I’m currently sat in the airport waiting for our flight to Guernsey, from where we’ll get a boat to Sark to spend Christmas with James’ family. It’s the first Christmas I’ve ever spent without my own family and whilst I’ll miss my dad and sister on the day, I’m looking forward to being with James family too. There’ll be board games, long walks by the coast, trips to get fire wood, absolutely no cars, very few people and the darkest of night times (when I’m hoping to do some star gazing if the clouds clear!).

I’ll share the odd snap over on Snapchat and Instagram (you can find me @thiscitylifeldn), for now I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy festive holiday!