App review ~ I Hate Ironing

When I was a child I remember how my mum was pretty vigilant about getting the washing and ironing done each week. Every Sunday afternoon I’d find her listening to the radio or watching TV, getting through the mountain our family had created. It seemed like a simple relaxing task back then, and when I was helping out I think I even quite enjoyed it. But these days washing and ironing is just a chore and I don’t quite understand how she kept on top of it all! Despite all that I’d learnt sitting by the ironing board, you’ll often find me in despair at how I can never quite get to the bottom of the washing basket, I’ll buy clothes that I think won’t need ironing, and even worse I’ll sometimes blow dry creases out of tops if I can. Then there’s the dreaded dry cleaning pile, full of party dresses and coats calling for a seasonal clean.

This could all be a result of laziness, but I like to think that it’s more likely due to a lack of time where I’ve probably prioritised other things over what is essentially a very boring task (not helped by the fact that there is an endless list of avoidance options in London!). So when the people behind I Hate Ironing got in touch, I was intrigued to see if they could help tackle the task and snapped up the offer of trying their service. As the season for party outfits and winter coats is upon us, I thought it was a good time to share my experience.

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I Hate Ironing is all about providing a convenient dry cleaning and laundry service through the powers of a smartphone app (Apple/ Android) and the internet. I focused on the dry cleaning pile, putting in dresses, skirts and coats for the cooler season ahead.

First impression? It’s possibly the simplest way I’ve ever had any task done for me. In just a few steps I had downloaded the app, registered my details, and chosen the collection and drop off details (including location, date and time slot).


Whilst it doesn’t tell you how much the total cost will be when you’re booking your order (which I thought might have been helpful), there’s a price feature both on the app and online that provides the cost per item, so I managed to work out a rough cost before my items were sent off. They also emailed an itinerary of the items I’d sent in and called to let me know about any non-standard charges they needed to add.

Order completed, I bagged up all my stuff, a driver arrived to collect it the next day and it was all returned a day or so later. As I’d entered all my card details when I registered I was charged as soon as the items had been processed, meaning I didn’t have to worry about it when the items were dropped off.

As for the service itself, the items were all returned within the agreed time slot (I chose the after work one ) and I thought they’d been cleaned to a good standard (my winter coat practically looked brand new!).

I Hate Ironing is a great app for anyone who doesn’t have time to pop to the dry cleaners, forgets to collect items they’ve dropped off or has a few big items that are just too difficult to carry out of the house. It could also be pretty handy for getting party outfits sorted at the last minute without having to leave your desk or sofa and saving the need to buy a complete new outfit.

I would love to give them my entire washing and ironing pile but sadly I’ll just have to stick to the dry cleaning selection!

I Hate Ironing is available in London, Brighton and Birmingham (as well as a few other cities like Reading, Oxford and Cambridge). You can download the app (Apple/ Android) or you can visit the website for more information.

Do you have any favourite time saving apps?


I Hate Ironing credited a small amount to my account to review the service, however, all opinions are my own. I love trying new apps and thought this was a handy one to share before Christmas! 🙂