Coffee spot ~ Story Coffee, Clapham

When I first started blogging I decided one of the things I’d write about was the great places to enjoy a coffee or two. It was during the time when it felt like there was another wave of the coffee revolution going on so there were plenty of new places to choose from. I was also working on sorting my finances so it seemed an affordable way to find new places, get out to an area I hadn’t been to before and use my camera. An addiction to good coffee was born and I wrote about 36 cafes over a year or two!

These days, some of the great cafes which were just starting out back then (not all that long ago really!) are now opening new branches, and the focus is often equally on the brunch offering as it is on the coffee choice. Whilst I often share the new branches I’ve checked out on Instagram (or now Snapchat!), I rarely write up about them. So when I heard about Story Coffee, I knew it had to be the next coffee spot and perhaps the return of the post series.

Story Coffee is a relatively new independent coffee shop just a few minutes up St John’s Hill from Clapham Junction. We arrived on Saturday afternoon after a dull morning of cleaning the flat, hungry and looking for a good lunchtime treat. It certainly attracts a lot of attention for a little cafe and I was worried for a minute we’d have to go elsewhere. But with a stroke of luck a couple of seats cleared by the window.


James grabbed the coffees whilst I sat in front of the window and admired the simple, chic design.


It was a bit of a dreary day outside with the wind whistling and wet leaves rustling along the pavements and it made me realise how light and warm the cafe was thanks to the windows which frame the space.


We pondered the menu, which was short but full of good treats indicating that whilst you could definitely enjoy a good brunch there, the coffee isn’t just a side order.

I popped up to the coffee bar to order food and grab an opportunity to take a closer look at the cafe’s shiny details.


And get tempted by the sweet treats.


In the meantime our coffees arrived. Latte for James, cappuccino for me.


Whilst I often know when I’m in a good coffee shop, I haven’t really paid much attention to what coffee they serve for a while. I’ve got my favourites (mainly Workshop) but independent coffee shops are usually pretty good in London, so much so that I’ve rarely had a bad coffee. They serve Square Mile here and it was good. Pretty perfectly made too.


Our lunch (or very late brunch) arrived. Scrambled eggs with chive and crème fraîche dressing and kale for James.


Neal’s Yard three cheese toasty with a side of tomato relish for me.


Cheese toasties are just too good, all that melted cheese sandwiched between warm toasted bread. YUM. They’re particularly comforting in cold weather. My stomach is definitely rumbling for another one of these right now.

The total was about £18 so pretty affordable for a lunch option for London. It was just the right portions to satisfy our appetite without being stuffed for the rest of the afternoon. Although the temptation to grab a treat and another coffee was definitely there, I bought a bag of Square Mile coffee to take home instead so that we could enjoy the luxury of good coffee on the sofa.

Story Coffee is a light, bright, relaxed and friendly cafe, if only I lived closer to Clapham Junction to visit more often! You’ll find this gem for yourself here. It’s open 7am – 4pm in the week and 9am-5pm at the weekends.

Have you discovered any new coffee shops? Do you have a favourite coffee or coffee shop?

(Psst If any independent coffee owners are reading this, please consider Colliers Wood for your next venture!)