The Weekend Edit #20

As you read this there’s a chance I’ll be chugging along the UK rail network somewhere between Liverpool and Taunton or Taunton and London. For the first time ever I’ll be at two weddings in one weekend! Whilst I’m not keen on the early starts involved (especially the one after the first wedding), I’m looking forward my train treat ritual of a good coffee and croissant, watching the landscape roll between cities and the countryside, delving into my current book and catching up on the latest blog posts. There’s something quite relaxing about train journeys (at least that’s what I’m convincing myself!). Of course, spending time with good friends and James’ family, celebrating a special occasion and dancing the night away to cheesy songs will be the main highlights of the weekend though!

This weekend marks the last one spent outside London for a while and I have to admit I can’t wait to spend a few weekends in London working through some of the places I’ve included in my weekend edits. So without further ramble, here’s one more edit for the collection…


The Good Egg – You’ll know from this post that I’m not keen on the endless supply of egg-based restaurants, but as I’m probably in the minority (and I can always hope for good non-egg options) I thought I should share the latest street food vendor turned restaurant to open in Stoke Newington. It’s also good reminder for me to go back to the area one day soon and see how it has developed since I lived in Finsbury Park almost three years ago!

The Breakfast Company – would you ever order a takeaway breakfast? The Breakfast Company is willing to bring you breakfast in bed and I thought it could be a great idea for lazy weekends or a treat for your housemate or loved one. The bad news is that it’s only available in some South East and South West post codes.

Winkworth Arboretum – If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I can’t get enough of the autumnal hues right now. According to this week’s Timeout Magazine, this green space in Surrey is the place to be for a full-on fall fix. Can someone go there and take a few pictures for me?

Chocolate London map I thought Blue Crow Media’s latest map would make a great gift for chocolate lovers or be a great tool for a weekend activity.

Paul A Young Chocolate classes – But if you’d rather stick to one place, whilst I was searching for information about Paul’s salted caramel hot chocolate I discovered that you can book a variety of chocolate making and tasting classes.

Bread Ahead bakery courses – If you’re more of a savoury person, check out Bread ahead’s courses. They seem to have added a few new ones since I last looked, as well as some seasonal ones, and I think they could be really fun.

The Modern Pantry, Finsbury Square – James and I had our first anniversary dinner at the branch in Clerkenwell. I’ve heard their brunches are amazing so I thought rather than return to the same place we could try the new branch a few blocks away.

400 Rabbits – It’s OK to want to go to a restaurant purely based on its decor, right? This colourful restaurant serves pizza and looks like a fun place from the pictures on Bright Bazaar blog.

Museums at Night – This weekend a host of London’s infamous and little known museums will be open until the dark hours with plenty of event to get involved in as part of the annual festival across the country. I’ve enjoyed a few Friday Lates at various museums in the past and I think it could be a lot of fun, sadly I never seem to be in the city to take part. Have you ever been? Are there any events or museums you’d recommend?

Christmas at Kew 2015 – I heard about this event at Kew Gardens far too late last year to be able to book tickets and go. It looks like a great alternative to my Christmas lights tour (although I am tempted to retrace my steps this year!) so I’m definitely going to try and book tickets soon.

Have a great weekend & *in a spoooooky voice* Happy Halloween!

(p.s. I haven’t really focused on the spooky stuff going on because I thought I’d leave it to the professionals Timeout, Design my night, Londonist and Visit London.)



    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      November 2, 2015 / 10:30 pm

      It was fun but tiring! And I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed the same doesn’t happen again. Felt pretty jealous of your wknd in Hampshire whilst stalking your Instagram on the train journeys 🙂