The weekend edit #17

After a long day at work this week I came out of the tube station and all of a sudden felt the new season upon us. The evenings seemed to have drawn in at once, it was dark and it was chilly. I shared this with James later on (naturally with a “brrrrrrr” and a *shudder*), and with a bit of a chuckle to myself, I realised how preoccupied I am with not only the weather but the passing of time. I dread to think how much time I spend talking about time, the passing and the lack of, I can’t seem to help it!

Since the last edit we had a good old autumn sort out, organised the big events for the next few months, and worked out all the free weekends. It was dull but satisfying in the end and now I’m itching to slot some London fun into that precious free time. The last third of the year is going woooosh by in no time!

Anyway… If you’re a planner like me or an impromptu explorer (what I’d love to be), here’s a fresh list of things to do, see and eat for you to consider.


Ai Weiwei – Whenever I wander down Piccadilly I always have a peek at the Royal Academy of Arts courtyard to see whether a new installation has been put in place. This last weekend I spotted Ai Weiwei’s ‘Trees’ and I’m definitely intrigued to see the rest of his much-anticipated exhibition.

MI + ME – I actually remember a time when Kings Cross was somewhere you went through on your way out of the city (most often up North). But it’s become a destination in itself with new places opening every week. Milk + Meat, an eatery with a focus on cheese and meat, is one of the latest places to open its doors in St Pancras Station.

Story Coffee – Do you have any of those places which are so near yet so far? This new(ish) coffee shop in Clapham has been on the radar for a while but as you’ll find it at Clapham Junction and not on the Northern Line I’ll need to make a special detour or find an excuse to go there. I haven’t managed either just yet so I’m putting it here as a reminder.

Northbank It’s not Southbank but  on the north side of the river as you may assume, it’s a sharp modern dining restaurant on the Thames riverside offering “a modern British menu with a Cornish influence”. I originally stumbled across it when I was looking for an outdoor terrace for my 30th birthday and whilst it wasn’t quite what I was looking for I did think it looked worthy of a visit.

Aux Pains du Papy – The best thing about meeting other bloggers is finding out about more of London’s hidden places worth visiting. I was talking to Bex from Double Skinny Macchiato  at 155 Bar & Kitchen and as a coffee fan I had to ask her about the places she loved. She mentioned this french bakery for its amazing pastries (particularly the almond/ pain au chocolat hybrid) and I am trying to find a reason to go there one morning.

Newport Street Gallery – When an artist like Damien Hirst opens an art gallery you know it’s going to be a big deal. The huge space in Vauxhall (which you’ll see on trains out of Waterloo, as I discovered on Thursday) doesn’t open until October but I’m keeping an eye out for more details about its future exhibitions.

Liberty in Fashion, Fashion & Textile Museum – I’d never heard of this museum before but after seeing it as a backdrop on Instagram and googling what could be found there, I discovered that their next exhibition is in association with the infamous London department store Liberty. I’m definitely seeing this when it opens on 9 October.

Hej Coffee – The perfect companion to my trip to the Fashion & Textile Museum, being down the road in Bermondsey. I’ve heard that it offers good coffee AND flowers, what a great combination.

London Cocktail Week, 5 – 11 October – It’s an event I look forward to every year as it gives me the opportunity to visit a load of tasty cocktail bars without breaking the bank. It’s also the perfect way to find the best places and write off all of those ones that aren’t quite my style. You can read my previous posts on the event here and here.

Primrose Hill MarketNext Saturday another new fresh produce market arrives on the grounds of St Paul’s School, Primrose Hill Road. It’s got a pretty tasty line up, making it a good place to end up after climbing the hill for the area’s iconic city view.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. October 8, 2015 / 1:53 pm

    Erm, almond/pain au chocolat hybrid?!! I need to try this ASAP!

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      October 8, 2015 / 1:58 pm

      Sounds delicious doesn’t it! I still need to get there myself! 🙂