Cocktail hour ~ Cahoots, Soho

The year so far has been full of 30ths, hen dos, weddings, weekend trips and holidays. Luxuriously long weekends have been packed with friends and family, absorbed by being out and about, or drinking and dancing the nights away. The end result is that I’ve hardly had time to enjoy a proper cocktail and by proper I mean one that has been carefully crafted and enjoyed in a cocktail bar.

A few weeks ago I saw a space in the calendar and an opportunity to grab my good friend Lucinda for a catch up. There was one place on the top of my list, Cahoots. If you’re a Buzzfeed fan like me (they really are pros at tapping into nostalgia and current topics) you may have seen this article some months ago, turning a secret bar into one of the most in-demand bars in the city. I was tempted to book myself in at the time but there was a waiting list and I decided that anywhere that good won’t be disappearing any time soon.

I booked a table for two about a week before we were both free. As soon as it was an acceptable time to leave the office we (quite literally) hot-footed it down there. If you’ve not heard of it before, Cahoots is an underground cocktail bar set in an abandoned tube station during the 1940s. Sometimes themed bars on this scale can feel a little tacky, but there was something more theatrical about Cahoots which made it a fun place for a drink.

It’s tucked away in Kingly Court and whilst it’s meant to be a secret, the underground signs and bright red entrance give it away somewhat.


We were greeted by a chirpy man in a 1940s outfit who’ll checked our details and directed us downstairs.


We entered the ‘Ticket Hall’.


And were ushered through to the drinking den and our cosy table.


You’ll find it hard to resist taking this photo with the drinks menu.


A cleverly edited newspaper with a rather large choice of cocktails.

Unfortunately, my usual tactic of enjoying the drink and company then collecting menu details online failed here, so I can’t share the ingredients but I can tell you all three were delicious!


And I think you’ll agree rather pretty. The cocktail above was from the ‘Starlets & Sirens’ section.


The cocktail below was from the ‘In Cahooch’ selection. I believe I went for the ‘Don the Cahooch Comber’ and it was pretty tropical.


If you like drinks with rum, like a Mai Thai, I think you’ll like this.

In between drinks, I took the opportunity to ‘get lost’ on my way to the toilet, and discovered all of the clever details they’ve put together to give the bar such a consistent theme. The Carriage is brilliant.


I later investigated whether I could host my 30th there but sadly the cost was far above my budget. They have recently launched a supper club in this section so it might be worth keeping an eye on this page to see if any more dates come up.

The bunkers for large groups were pretty fun.


A group of friends who’d visited before got a great picture together here.

My last drink of the night was the ‘Apples and Pears’ cocktail, quite aptly cockney.


Cahoots was such a fun place with some great cocktails that I highly recommend you book yourself in. If you’ve been to Mr Fogg’s, another cocktail bar run by the same group, you’ll have a slight idea what you’ll be in for. Although I do think Cahoots does the theatrics with a little more enthusiasm and what can be more London than an Underground theme!

Cahoots is open Monday – Wednesday 5pm – 1am, Thursday-Friday 5pm – 2am, Saturday 5pm – 3am and Sunday 5pm – 12am. You’ll find the bar here.

After a long time away from proper cocktails I’ve certainly got a thirst for more. Do you have any recommendations?



  1. August 16, 2015 / 8:18 pm

    Isn’t it just worth the wait?

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      August 17, 2015 / 6:24 am

      It definitely is! Not many places are fun and offer great cocktails!