Meandering around Wapping Market

When you look at social media it often looks like the average Londoner spends some part of the weekend at a food market, whether it’s a Friday evening street food market, a weekend local produce market or a Sunday flower market. The reality is that the average Londoner probably visits them when there’s a guest to impress with the ‘Londoner’s London’, to find something nice to do, or to check out a new market on the scene.

Last Sunday is a prime example – I had a day to myself and thought it would be nice to check out Wapping Market (which opened this summer).

I wasn’t looking for anything particular but knew something would catch my eye and that it was worth a meander down to Wapping to check it out. It’s a short walk from the Wapping Overground, or Shadwell DLR. I took this route from Shadwell and got a misty view of Canary Wharf over the quay.


As I got closer I got a better view of the size of the market. Like its sibling, Brockley Market, it’s quite a small site but as I found out it packs in a good variety of stalls.


As with any food market, I always like to walk around to see what’s on offer before I commit my cash. So I started at the entrance…


And walked around all the stalls, up to the top.


My sweet tooth got the better of me and before I got to the end I made a bee-line for Crosstown Doughnuts, picking up a chocolate mousse and rasberry crumble doughnut. A great treat to take back for Sunday evening!


Then I spied these croissants and was utterly tempted to demolish one.


But I thought something tasty for later was a better buy and grabbed a fresh loaf of bread instead.


With a few slices of this ham.


Making a perfect pick me up sandwich for Monday lunch.

But if you’re looking to russle up a tasty meal for evening dinner there’s plenty of fresh produce to be found. From staple vegetables…


To more seasonal varieties.


There’s fresh meat for your roasts, and cheese for cheese boards (or crackers!) …


But for quicker cooking times there’s fresh pasta sauces and pestos too.


If you want to complete your evening with a drink you can pick up a bottle of wine there aswell.

If all that food gets your stomach rumbling or you’re more about eating food right there and then, there’s a great selection.


Swine Dining will sort out a Saturday night hangover.

Van Dough will offer wood-fired pizza with fresh toppings (see the one I tried in Brockley here).


And Spit & Roast will save you from roasting your own meat.


I also spotted The Roadery and FishDog.

I made the mistake of eating breakfast and getting there too early for lunch so I enjoyed this takeaway coffee from Dark Fluid instead.

The market was already getting into the festive spirit with a small selection of Christmas trees.


But according to the website they’ve got a Christmas food market planned every Sunday in December (excluding 28 December), where you can get all you need for your Christmas dinner (and maybe one of these gifts…).

Wapping Market is open every Sunday from 10am to 2pm. I got there about 11am and it was pleasantly busy but, as with most London markets, I recommend getting there early so you have the biggest selection of food before the traders run out.

If you’re planning your trip as part of a leisurely afternoon, a walk along the Thames River Walk back to Tower Hill only takes about half an hour.


When the tide is out you can walk along the Thames shore and enjoy the temporary peace and calm (without a single entertainer in sight).

A pretty nice way to spend a Sunday.

Do you regularly visit London’s food markets? When do you get the urge to go?


  1. December 5, 2014 / 2:05 pm

    I like Wapping Market a lot and it’s handy that it’s walking distance from where I live. I recently visited Dalston Market too but that’s a bit further away unfortunately.

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      December 5, 2014 / 2:55 pm

      That’s handy! I had actually spotted your post about Wapping Market this week as I was searching for some information I’d forgotten. Great blog! 🙂