Cocktail hour ~ London’s Best Cocktail Bars app

It’s no secret that I love a tasty cocktail and London provides an endless supply of cocktail hours. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that the clever people behind my favourite coffee app joined forces with the knowledgeable Gin Monkey to bring the city – London’s Best Cocktail Bar app. Cleverly launched just before one of the year’s cockail highlights, London Cocktail Week, and currently only £1.99, I felt compelled to push back this week’s post and share this app with fellow cocktail lovers.

So why the excitement? Well life in London is busy and whilst I’ve got the hang of scouring my favourite websites, if there’s anything that can inspire my evening at the tip of my fingers I am all for it. I’ve been a fan of London’s Best Coffee app for a while so having London’s Best Cocktail Bars is its perfect companion.

Picture the dilemma, you’re out for impromptu drinks and everyone fancies a cocktail. Of course you can go for B@1 happy hour but you want something a little better. Open the app and you get all the nearest cocktail bars.

London's Best Cocktail Bars app - nearest

Or you’ve got a date and you want to impress. Open the app and select ‘Rated’ to find all the best bars in town.

London's Best Cocktail Bar app - Rating

For each bar you get a brief review, a rating and basically all the details you need to decide whether it’s worth checking it out.


There’s also a handy news section updating you on recent launches and news from the industry…

photo (3)

A section to bookmark all your favourite finds…

image (5)

And an interactive map.

image (4)

This may sound like a sales pitch but I genuinely get excited about cocktails and good apps, so when they combine…

To download the app click here. (Sadly it’s not available for Android yet, but if you ask Blue Crow Media nicely – who knows! 🙂 Or you could this cocktail thirsty map instead)

Do you love a good cocktail? Are you going to London Cocktail Week?

PS. If you’ve not heard about London Cocktail Week you can find more information on their website, and from my previous posts here and here.