Snapshots of the city ~ The January challenge

We’re half way through February and January seems like a dim and distant memory. I don’t know about you but it’s easy to say the month was a challenge, finances were tight, work was crazy and the clouds kept the sun and blue skies hidden from view. I contemplated skipping the month’s snapshots with sadly so few taken, but in the interests of moving on and looking forward to the (hopefully) kinder months of the year I changed my mind. So here goes!

For most of January I tried to keep myself cosy and warm by staying indoors, keeping my head down to get through the working week, emerging from hibernation for a few treats to keep me going. It’s been a bit quiet on the blog as a result, but there were a few city highlights worth sharing.

Day 1 of 2014 got off to a good start finding a hangover cure at Chicken Shop, Tooting.


Later in the month I went to my favourite Gin Bar, COLD, to enjoy a very satisfying and hard earned Friday night G&T.


It was my sister’s birthday towards the end of January so I treated her to a cocktail hour at Oblix, The Shard. You can’t beat a city view like this: Snapshots-of-the-city---Jan-Shard-view

With a cocktail like this:


Sadly it was a quick pitstop as we had plans for the afternoon so I didn’t take enough photos for a full review. But if you want to treat someone to a drink with a great view and don’t mind paying a little more than average, then it’s a great option. But I have to admit I’ve had a quick drink in Aqua Shard too and, if you’re lucky enough to time it well and get a table, I’d say that would be my first choice.

Whilst it felt like most of the month was dreary and grey, I’d be lying if we didn’t enjoy some sunlight over the weeks and I definitely got a little obsessed chasing it with my iPhone!


It was also very pleasing to start seeing the days get longer, and the mornings get lighter.

When the month really got to me I treated myself to a sunny bunch of flowers.


I really can’t wait for daffodil season! They always cheer up the flat and when they’re only £1 a bunch you can fill every room with a hint of spring.

The month closed with a tormenting taste of spring. (We can only hope it  returns soon!)


How did you survive the month? What are you enjoying or looking forward to in February?

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