City eats ~ Chicken Shop, Tooting

One of the many great things about London is that when you get a craving (particularly of the food kind), it’s unlikely that you’ll struggle to find somewhere to satisfy it. My latest craving was a simple one, it was the afternoon of New Year’s day, I had a hangover from the night before and all I wanted was something salty and satisfying. I considered my local Tooting options (Chicken Cottage, Meat and Shake, curries, kebabs, pub grub…), then remembered that Soho House had recently opened a SW branch of Chicken Shop. Juicy chicken (sort of healthy?) and crunchy chips? Yes please!

With nothing but lounging on my sofa planned for the day I found out when they were opening and got down there not long after they had unlocked the door. I failed to persuade anyone else away from their cosy homes and hangovers so took a solo seat in the bar up front.


Out back you’ll find tables for dining. They also offer a takeaway option, should you want to gobble down your dinner in private.

It’s a simple menu, which you can check out on the way in. (It may be worth noting it’s not the place for vegetarians, unless you’re happy with the sides as your meal of course.)


I seriously contemplated half a chicken but after reading Alex’s review on The Frugality I decided a quarter chicken would be enough, especially with chips and corn on the cob on the side.

About 15 minutes later my hangover cure arrived:


Here’s a little close up of that juicy chicken:


Crunchy skin, perfectly seasoned, with succulent meat to devour underneath. The crinkle chips were nice and crunchy, and I thought it was a fairly generous portion. I realised later on that these are the same chips you’ll find in Dirty Burger (also owned by Soho House) so if you’ve tried those you’ll know what you’re getting. As for the corn on the cob, I liked the garlic butter and it was a good portion (you could easily share) but sadly a little cold (maybe the cooker was still warming up when I arrived?).  If this all seems a little safe to you, you’ll find a hot and a smokey sauce at your table to add a bit of spice (I liked the smokey sauce best.)


As for the dining space, it resembles a sort of rustic barn (as you may have expected), dimly lit and cosy.

The total bill was about £16 which I thought was pretty good, especially given that it was definitely superior to Nando’s. I think if you weren’t ravenous or you wanted to save some more bit of money (it is January after all) you could share one of the sides.

You can find Chicken Shop here on Tooting High Street, just a 5 minute walk from Tooting Broadway underground. Their first branch is north of the river in Kentish Town. The opening hours for both branches can be found on the website.

Where have you satisfied a serious craving in the city? Have you been to Chicken Shop or any of Soho House’s many restaurants?