A new city perspective

Happy New Year all!!! I hope you had a great night! Weren’t the London fireworks pretty spectacular?! (You can watch the display here if you missed them, or they passed you by amongst the partying…) I’m slowly getting back into the swing of post-festive life again, and now the hangover has subsided and a new working year looms I’m starting to look ahead to the rest of 2014.

I’ve been in London for four years and running the blog for two (which I can’t quite believe!). I’ve found so many cafes, cocktail bars, restaurants and museums since, it’s hard to believe how much more there is to still to discover. City life has been a bit hectic at times so I’m approaching this year with a new perspective. I don’t really believe in resolutions as resolving to do something sounds a bit final to me, and as we know life in London can change at any second! So I thought I’d share my aims for 2014, in the hope you may share yours…


1. Focus. I didn’t have much of a plan last year, it’s pretty easy to coast along when there’s so many new things to discover, and life passes by quite happily. For 2014 I feel like I need to be more focused. I want to take a determined step up in my career and make a list of the places I really want to go (and actually decide when I might to visit them.)

2. Balance. There’s so much going on in the city you can be out every night of the week. As someone who struggles to turn down invites, I’ve found myself over-committed by my own doing. Not healthy for my bank balance or energy levels. So I’m going to try to achieve a better balance, spending a bit more time at home, cooking proper meals (discovering independent shops along the way), and finally watching all those TV series I’ve missed out on.

3. City breaks to the seaside. I love the city but I find the seaside SO soothing. After realising how close places like Whitstable are to London last year, I’m determined to seek days by the sea more often.

4. More overseas travel. For one reason or another I didn’t manage to leave the UK last year. I’m well overdue a big trip so I’m hoping I can make this happen before the end of the year. If all fails I’m definitely going to discover more of Europe and have Bruges in the diary already!

If you’re brand new to the city, you may want to take a look at last year’s post on how to explore the city. Once you’ve got to grips with exploring you’ll soon find yourself carried away with all the great things to discover 😉

What does your year hold for you? Are you exploring the city with a new perspective?