A whirlwind tour of The O2

One thing I am often guilty of is being reluctant to travel across London as it feels too far away. Mad really when I’ve survived a 24 hour coach journey across the Australian outback, 27 hours of flying from Christchurch to London, and the city’s public transport being pretty good compared the the rest of the UK! So I when AXS asked if I fancied a tour around The O2 Arena followed by seats at Micky Flanagan, I shook off my lazy attitude and excitedly accepted the invite.

I’ve seen it from photographs, read about it in the news (lets not go into the Millenium Dome…) but I’ve never actually been to The O2. It sits on a pennisular in North Greenwich and from Google maps it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. So how do you get there? Well although stars like Rihanna like to travel with the massses on the underground, the finest route is by the Clipper.


Hop on at Embankment and you’ll get a tour of Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul’s, Greenwich, and Canary Wharf (both sides), before you reach The O2 about 40 minutes later. (I’d recommend doing this even if you’re not planning to go to the O2, I forgot how lovely a journey the Clipper was!)


It was no surprise really that The O2 is HUGE.


We were whisked to the backstage VIP area to talk about ticketing woes with AXS and to have a snoop around of course!


This is one of the private dining rooms used by performers and their crew. As a world-renowned venue you can imagine how many famous faces have sat around this table!

From backstage to performing, we headed over to the British Music Experience for a dose of pop.


Remember the 90s era of Blur and the Spice Girls?


You’ll find a whole host of memorabilia, facts and music to interact with here to jog your memory.

You can even pretend you’re part of your favourite band with a studio open to visitors. I would definitely have played a few beats on the drums, my band instrument of choice.


But the O2 isn’t just about pop and performers, they also have a venue for DJ nights, now called Building Six.


VIPs can hide away from the crowds in their own exclusive area. Oh the priveledge of actually being able to dance on the ceiling…


Blown away by the sheer size of the venues held under one domed roof (I haven’t even mentioned all the restaurants, the cinema and some exciting new developments!), we got to rest our feet at Gaucho and relax with wine, nibbles and blog chat.


It’s always great to meet other bloggers, find new places they’ve enjoyed, and add some new reading to the blog roll. I think South London Blog and I Love London Town were the closest kind of blog to mine, but Five things to do today has some good stuff to read too.

After lots of chat about tickets and blogging we finally made our way to our seats for Micky Flanagan. (In case you get thirsty I can confirm the VIP bar offers a great option for getting away from the crowds at any intervals.)


And if you get mind-boggled about what tickets are worthwhile Block 101 gets you a great view of the stage! I hear Block 401 is right ‘up in the gods’ as they say.


The process of buying tickets is not something I think a lot about. But as someone who loves technology and social media I was interested to hear about some great features available at AXS (a ticketing partner of The O2), including AXS Waiting Room (where you can review all the event and ticketing information before it goes on sale) and AXS Invite (where you can invite friends to an event via email or Facebook, reserve tickets and not have to pay for the whole group).

After an entertaining evening (Micky was hilarious!) I left for Tooting feeling exhausted. You can imagine I was pretty glad to discover that The O2 Arena isn’t all that far away after all!

Do you get a little lazy when it comes to travelling across London? Have you been to The O2 Arena?

AXS kindly hosted the whole evening and I didn’t have to organise a thing. As ever all opinions are my own (I’ll admit I was excited to be there for the first time, enjoying backstage info and VIP treatment!) Big thanks to AXS and The O2 for the evening!


  1. December 11, 2013 / 10:53 am

    I live in Lewisham so I’m not at all far from the O2 and am down there all the time. The bars & restaurants are really great, you should give some of them a try next time you fancy hitting up South East London 🙂

  2. December 17, 2013 / 10:20 pm

    I used to be far too lazy! I was invited to loads of events in Shoreditch and the east end before I realised that it was neither as far nor as scary as I thought it was! I used to catch the tube to North Greenwich when I first arrived in London so the O2 was my first stomping ground.