Kusina Ni Lola supperclub, Tooting Market

After eight months of being a Tooting resident I’m surprised to say that this is my first full post about the area! I knew hardly anything about what to expect before I moved, just that I could get a nicer place for my budget than Clapham and Balham and that I had some good friends there to show me around. Over the months I’ve enjoyed plenty of trips to its Antic Pubs and have seen some encouraging developments that make it a pretty exciting area to live in right now.

Tooting Market is one of my most recent discoveries. Open since 1930 it’s got a long history as an indoor market, during the day you’ll find all the usual low-price wares and fast-food dishes that you might expect. But at night you can now discover a different scene to satisfy your appetite, the supperclub. I got quite excited when I heard about their first mexican event but sadly didn’t get tickets in time, so when Alex from The Frugality tweeted the link to their Filipino event with Kusina Ni Lola I was quick to find out if I was free and could take someone there with me. Luckily my sister and I grabbed the very last ticket.

So last Saturday we snuck through the shutters of the market to discover what out-of-hours treats were inside.


The darkness of the night market was lit by colourful hanging lights and a crowd of dinners leisurely chatted whilst waiting for the supper to begin.


The total cost of the meal was £25 and this included one of their home-made cocktails, inspired by the Filipino focus of the evening.


Tucked in the corner I also discovered Brindlesticks, a quirky little bar in the market that’s open every Thursday and offers a range of drinks (including mulled apple cider!) alongside some live music. It’s open for these events too so you can grab extra drinks with your dinner.


Once it looked like everyone had arrived we hunted out our seats.


The candlelit tables were grouped in 6s and 12s, meaning you could have fun amongst a group and have a chat with your neighbours.


Our lovely Filipina cook, Rowena Sison-Young, introduced the evening and explained the dishes they’d be serving. Sadly as you can see the lighting was pretty dark and my camera skills weren’t quite up to the job of capturing all the food! But to give you a bit of an idea of the kind of thing you might expect in the future, we were served a starter of spring rolls (one of which we had to roll ourselves!), followed by rice with the choice of two authentic Filipino mains, and finally a pineapple upside down cake soaked in rum with a coconut macaroon.  I was pretty impressed how they fed everyone out of such a tiny kitchen! As I assume with most supperclubs you do need a little patience as they get all of the meals out to everyone, but you can of course fill yourself with a drink or two and some friendly chat with your neighbour whilst you wait!

The evening ended with fun and games to win drinks for the table.

My sister and I agreed that it was a lovely evening and we’d definitely go back for other events at Tooting Market. One of the organisers said there were some great events planned ahead so I’m excited to see how the market will develop!

We bought our tickets via Edible Experiences, I believe they’ll be supporting all future events at Tooting Market, but if this doesn’t quite take your fancy (or you’re not from the South West) they have a great range of other food events across London to check out!

Have you enjoyed a supperclub? Have you been to any great places in Tooting or the South West I should check out?