View from The Shard

As The Shard climbed up into the sky London’s skyline was changed forever. I remember standing outside London Bridge some years ago, wondering what exciting developments lay in store and whether the view really would be better than any other in the city. Would it be more exciting than the Empire State or The Peak as I’d be able to look out across a city I can call home? The inauguration in July last year was a bit of a let down, it had a lot to live up to as excitement in the city had grown throughout it’s development, and the laser show didn’t really live up to it. But we all held hope for the view and new restaurants the following year.

It opened on 1 February 2013 and I wasn’t really in a rush to climb 1100ft to see the view from Western Europe’s tallest building. I was pretty happy just to see it from all angles of the city as it firmly became a London icon, you really can’t miss it when you’re out and about!
I’m not afraid of heights, but for those who get wobbly-kneed at the thought of going up 72 floors then you’ll be pleased to know the lift is swift, the only clue to your ascent is a bit of ear-popping. They also stop half way to stop the feeling of being catapulted into the clouds.

It’s all worth it to get to see this view from the 68th floor.
What struck me most was just how much you can see around the city! The London Eye is known for overlooking Parliament and the Thames, and gives you a great sense of how the river bends across the city. The Shard really gives you a picture of where everything is. This Instagram video might give you a bit of an idea of how much you can see from just one corner of the building.

From Tower Bridge to the London Eye, you are meant to be able to see all of London’s much-loved icons. As you can see we got a bit of a misty day! Can you spot St Paul’s Cathedral in this picture?
The tiny size of the Cathedral really gives you a sense of how high you are!

If you’re happy with your heights go up to the 72nd floor for the open air view.
The glass rises high enough before you that you don’t need to feel uneasy. It was great to get some fresh air and feel like you’re really up in the clouds!

You can see a bit more of the river bend and everything seems just that more tiny. Like a miniature toy set!
There are still a few floors to go to reach the very top. These aren’t open to the public though.
Once you’ve had enough of soaking up iconic sites make sure you check out the rest of the city. It’s amazing how far out you can see!
And if you get a day like ours they have some virtual telescopes to help you figure out what’s before you.

I thought it was well worth seeing the city from this angle. Tickets are £24.95 each and although I agree that’s not cheap I’ve paid similar amounts overseas and it’s as exciting to see our capital from up high. We were there about 5pm on a week night, it wasn’t very crowded and we got through the security bit pretty quickly.

Have you seen the view from The Shard? Do you plan to visit soon?