National Champagne Week ~ Searcys, St Pancras

The sound of a champagne cork popping is one of life’s finest sounds. It’s the signal of celebration,  the marking of happiness, the sweet sound of a little indulgence. But do you know very much about the world’s favourite celebratory drink? If you’re like me, someone who rarely quizzes the barman for more information on the drink I’m about to enjoy, it’s probably not a lot. According to a survey by champagne bar Searcys, 67% thought their knowledge is below average, so it seems we’re not alone!

So Searcys are hoping to help improve our understanding by hosting a National Champagne Week. They want to tempt you to enjoy a few glasses, discover the delights of a sparkling upgrade and learn a little along the way. So from 7th until 13th October you can pop in to one of their bars between 4pm and 6pm and sample up to three champagnes for free!

They invited me down to a launch event last Thursday at the St Pancras Grand bar. As one of my favourite train stations (it is just so beautiful and romantic!) and a bar I had longed to find an excuse to go to  (it’s Europe’s longest Champagne bar), I snapped up the opportunity.

We were put to the test with our first glass and were asked to choose which out of the three on the menu we’d been served. With puzzled faces and a few sips we successfully picked Henri Giraud Hommage. We were looking for notes of yellow fruit, dried apricots, a little orange zest and chocolate.


We moved on to Balfour Searcys Cuvee, an exclusive blend only at Searcys. With this one we were looking for notes of pale apricot pink with raspberry.

We finished the evening with Laurent Perrier Brut. The most saintly champagne as Bruts contain the lowest amount of sugar. We were looking for notes of something delicate and floral, candied fruit, with a citrussy finish.

And to sweeten the evening served trays of chocolates.

So what did I take away? As you might expect if you’re a regular reader, sweeter champagnes slip down rather nicely for me, so a demi-sec is likely to be a good choice due to the higher sugar content. There are also approximately 49 million bubbles to enjoy in one bottle of Champagne!

As for the bar you can’t go wrong here; champagne, sophistication and stunning surroundings. You don’t need to be jetting off to Paris to enjoy a few drinks here (but if you are, do allow some time to start the journey in style!).

I’ve got some way to go to being an expert but Searcys definitely gave me a good start!

You can find out where to get your free champagne tasters at Searcys around the city here.

Do you like to celebrate with champagne? When do you usually enjoy a glass of bubbles?