A mini guide to autumnal London

As September draws to a close there’s no denying that autumn has arrived. The leaves are turning from green to golden, the temperature has cooled and the sunset is sooner. I love this time of year as it means I can walk through crunchy leaves in picturesque parks, enjoy a cool breeze in layers of new and much-loved clothes, and travel on the tube at a temperature a little more pleasant than the summer months.

As a nation more accustomed to this weather, there are plenty of things to embrace as we say an official goodbye to the sunny summer.  So following on from the mini guide to sunny London, I thought I’d share my ideas for what to do to this autumn with:


Take a stroll amongst nature’s autumnal colours – The best thing about the season is how it transforms the capital into a warm, bronze-tipped city. Most of London’s parks are pretty this time of year, I’m keen to revisit Kew Gardens, Richmond Park (for deer spotting!) and Bushy Park.

Enjoy an autumnal sunset – There’s something different about sunset later in the year, it has a softer glow and covers everything in a golden light. When the sun shines find an opportunity to leave work early and watch the sun drop below the horizon.

Eat comforting meals – Food fit for cooler weather is a British speciality. Sausages, mash, shepherds pie, roast dinners, soups and casseroles, I’m going to be enjoying them all! Mother Mash, Hawksmoor, and The Oak are on my list too.

Get to a good food market – I prefer exploring market stalls wrapped up in layers, moving amongst the crowds without breaking into a sweat. There’s something quite satisfying about choosing food to fill me with warmth in the evening too.

Drink hot chocolates – As someone with a sweet tooth I relish the season when chocolate can be drank in molten form to warm your hands and make your cheeks rosy. I’m definitely trying this salted caramel hot chocolate recipe by Nigella.


Spend Sundays at the pub quiz – When drinking outdoors loses its appeal it’s time to head into the comfort of your local pub and test your general knowledge at a pub quiz. I’ve got a whole host of Antic Pubs to keep me entertained!

Drink real ale and red wine – I’m no expert but I red wine and real ale are both served at a warmer temperature than chilled white wine and beer, meaning you don’t get that shiver down your spine when you take a sip of your drink after spending time in chilly temperatures.

Discover a new museum or gallery – As it’s all about new finds indoors it’s a great opportunity to discover a museum or gallery you’ve never been to before. The William Morris Gallery is on my radar, but I definitely plan to see what takes my fancy from this A to Z.

 Start a new box set – It’s the perfect season to get into one of those series you’ve been meaning to watch or get nostalgic over. I’m way behind on Homeland, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey, and I love a good Friends or how marathon.

Visit an independent cinema – When you’re not on the sofa and you’re looking for a low-key evening out, visit one of London’s many beautiful independent cinemas. The Londoneer has put together a pretty comprehensive list.

What are your favourite things to do in an autumnal London?