Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Embassy East, Shoreditch

Aside from the great coffee, one of the best things about independent cafes is the community atmosphere they invite. Tucked down quiet streets, hidden from the city’s hustle and bustle, you’ll find cozy cafes attracting regulars, locals and knowledgable explorers alike, all enjoying a break from the busy world outside. The further out the city, the more relaxed the cafe and you really get a sense of the local community. Embassy East falls nicely into this category.

A few weeks ago, a morning at Columbia Road Flower Market presented the perfect opportunity to visit. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the market, and within a few minutes from the busy flower stalls I was strolling along a peaceful high street in Hoxton, laden with flowers and hungry for brunch. Amongst a row of local shops I spotted parked bicycles and a coffee cup in the hands of a satisfied customer.


I picked up the pace, aiming straight for the counter. I’ve heard great reviews about the coffee but I’ve never paid attention to the menu so I was glad to find them hung up for my contemplation.


Books, postcards and flyers for local events give you a little insight into what’s happening around area.

I ordered a cappuccino and the more saintly choice of a bowl of granola. I took a seat by the window and inspected my surroundings.


Well-worn tables, low stools and soft lights definitely give a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a Sunday morning.


As I waited for my order I noticed tables of locals, amongst a group of passing cyclists, neither in a hurry to move and both happy to sit for a while.

My cappuccino arrived and I was distracted from people watching.


Embassy East serve Workshop Coffee, which has become my favourite coffee in London. (I really need to find out more about coffee and understand why I love it more than others!)

A large bowl of granola, topped with yoghurt, bananas and honey arrived.


Delicious! I had no regrets in resisting the brownies or cakes at all. Although when I spied the toasted sandwiches, oozing with melted cheese, I did wish that I had room for a second course.

Fully satisfied I left with my blooms and headed back south.

I definitely recommend popping into Embassy if you’re in the area, grab a coffee, enjoy a dish or snack and watch East London go by.

Have you been to Embassy East? Or have you found any great cafes which invite a local community?