City eats ~ Dirty Burger, Vauxhall

Have you ever experienced the utter satisfaction of a dirty burger? You know, one of those fast food impulse buys from the nearest take away on your radar, right there and then it hits your hunger in just the right way, but in the cold light of day you hide from the guilt of indulgence. Well Dirty Burger is doing a good job of not living up to this stereotype burger.


They’ve been on my radar ever since it was recommended to me when I asked twitter for the best London burgers (here’s the resulting post, I know it’s been a long time!). Sadly their original branch in Kentish Town felt just a little out the way for a meaty treat. Imagine my glee then when I heard they’d opened a new South London branch in Vauxhall!

This Saturday, with a lingering Friday night hangover, I had a firm date with a burger and my good friend Lucinda. Under the arches of Vauxhall was our destination of choice.


As I’d been up since 7.30am for London Fashion Weekend, I’d built up a good appetite by 1pm. You can imagine how good this place smelt to me at the time.


The menu is short and simple, leaving little room for indecision. This meant two cheese burgers, two crinkle chips, and two diet cokes. We took a seat by the window and within a few minutes our order arrived.


The wet wipes were a good signal of what we were going to find…


One juicy top-quality beef burger, encased by a soft brioche bun, sandwiched amongst melted cheese, lettuce, a gherkin, a beef tomato, and I think a mustard-based sauce. Landing itself pretty high in my burger ranking, over and above your average dirty burger!

The crinkle chips made a pretty good side order too.


Salty, crunchy and a generous portion of carbohydrates.

I left with not a single ounce of guilt and my hunger satisfied.

With a north and south London branch they’ve got a Dirty Burger accessible to most of London. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the rumours of a Tooting branch are true!

Have you tried a good Dirty Burger?