Cocktail hour ~ Radio Rooftop Bar, Covent Garden

The Thursday before last I had a cocktail hour scheduled with Erin, friend and fellow blogger behind Love from Cornfield. It was a balmy evening and we decided to make the most of it by checking out the views and menus at Radio Rooftop Bar at ME London. It’s hard to believe that just over a week ago we were still basking in the lasting heat of a pretty good summer in the city, such is the changeable nature of the weather here it’s no surprise we are obsessed about it.

Autumn has made its presence known since and whilst we may not feel those temperatures again, sunny autumnal days made for panoramic views of the city still remain a possibility and so I thought it was worth sharing our cocktail hour.

Radio has a prime location on the Strand. If you head to Charing Cross you can enjoy a little iconic London as you step out of the station to Trafalgar Square.


10 minutes later and you’ll find yourself at ME London. Unless you want to have a nose at this chic minimalist five star hotel, Radio has a separate entrance to the left of the main entrance.

As you tend to expect with London rooftop bars, all of the tables were booked before we got there which meant a queue and a 30 minute wait. Sadly with a good view and cocktails on offer there’s not a lot they can do and you just have to decide whether you fancy the wait. We were busy catching up and decided we could endure a reasonable enough queue, although our thirst for Thursday night cocktails was less probably happy about the situation.

Still it was worth the wait to finally zoom up 10 floors and enjoy drinks outdoors with this view:


They have managed to squeeze in much of iconic London into the view. Can you spot Tower Bridge, The Shard, the OXO Tower and Somerset House (getting ready for London Fashion Week)?

Turn to your right and you can see the River Thames and London Eye.


And you can just about spot the green glow of Big Ben.


You’ll find the bar indoors, you can’t miss it when you enter as it takes centre stage in its chic minimal surroundings (in-keeping with the hotel.) The menu offers beers, spirits and of course cocktails.


We went for two cocktails which were both pretty delicious, apologies I have failed to remember the names and ingredients and sadly the menu is not online. They were about £10 each. If you’re not quite happy to trust my basic opinion they do have a good selection of spirits to rely on and we had a round of G&Ts before departing.

Although we didn’t book a table we did evenutally managed to enjoy a couple of drinks on one of their outdoor sofas, where we took to people watching other guests.


A groomed crowd of suited men and glamed-up ladies, mingling or dancing to the beats from the resident DJ. There was an air of pretentiousness that is inevitable in a five star hotel trying to keep a certain image. But I was enjoying the drinks and a long overdue catch up with Erin, more than happy to relax in luxurious surroundings.

Watching the sky darken and city lights shine from high up above is always a little mesmerising don’t you think?


If you don’t fancy seats outdoors in the current season there are a small number of tables indoors, which I’d assume they may aim to increase as the cool weather sweeps in.

Based on the views it’s definitely a worthwhile visit, perfect for a pre-dinner or pre-theatre drink. Is it the best rooftop bar in London? I think I need to visit a few more from my list next summer to give my final verdict.

Have you been to Radio Rooftop Bar? Did you discover any great rooftop bars this summer?