National Rum Day recommendations

Happy National Rum Day readers! Did you know today is the day when worldwide celebrations take place for this much-loved spirit? Well it was a recent discovery for me, sourced by random mention on twitter. A google search followed, where I hoped to find a tradition from the depths of history in one of its sunny originating countries. Sadly I’m none the wiser why rum fans rejoice their spirit of choice on this date, but as it’s Friday and almost time to unwind I thought I’d join in.

Here are my National Rum Day recommendations!


Enjoy one of my favourite rum cocktails in the city – I’ve tried a lot of rum cocktails in London, here are three of my favourites:

Try rum with a zesty mixer – For a quick rum drink at home Sailor Jerry recommend switching coke for freshly squeezed lemon juice, known as a Backyard Lemonade. Throw in two shots of rum with four shots of lemon juice over a tall glass of ice, garnish with a lemon wedge.

Bake a rum cakeThis recipe for a rum cake with a butter rum glaze sounds like my kind of sweet tooth satisfaction.

Will you be celebrating National Rum Day? I’d love to see your celebrations so do tweet your pictures to @ThisCityLifeLdn or post them on the Facebook page.

Sailor Jerry kindly provided their recipe and image as part of their National Rum Day celebrations. I have not been sponsored to share either, the post was planned in advance and fitted this week’s theme nicely. Oh and remember to drink responsibly guys!  🙂