Friday night feast at Truck Stop London

Street Feast and Tweat Up are unstoppable forces of street food festival brilliance, helping to feed thousands of Londoners top quality food at prices that don’t break the bank.  Truck Stop London is one of their latest collaborations and after enjoying a Friday night feast earlier this month it’s safe to say it was another success. Sadly there aren’t any further dates planned but I thought you might be interested about the tasty food I got my hands on and what you can expect from their events.

Street food is all about eating outdoors amongst hungry crowds, down in a part of the city where it’s OK to eat with your fingers and risk sauce on your face. Wood Wharf seemed like a surprising location, behind the gleaming glass buildings of Canary Wharf, but venture across the water and it becomes more about finding food than funds.


With so much food on offer we decided to gather our thoughts and appetites at the bar set up by Rotary.


Beer, wine and cocktails, all you really need to get your Friday night started! We received $10 dollars to spend at the bar as part of our £10 ticket fee, so we went for festival sized cocktails all round.


Then it was time for the difficult point of the evening, deciding what to eat. If you’re not able to eat everything in sight you need to be tactical. Check out what’s there and select your top choices, or perhaps share with a friend or two. (If you have any other strategies for tackling eyes bigger than your belly do leave a comment!)

Burgers often top my list as they satisfy my hunger in just a few mouthfuls. After hearing that Bleecker St Burger won the London Burger Bash this year there was no chance I was going to miss out on their meaty goodness. It seems my friends had the same idea:


Time to find a seat and demolish our purchase.


YUM! What a burger. For those who like a traditional cheese burger this is for you. Light bun, a top quality burger cooked perfectly, with a nice cheesy layer in between.

But if you really want cheese Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese is a must.


After devouring a portion at Glastonbury I had to introduce my sister to it, so we shared the Kanye Western. The original Mac n Cheese with hot dogs, crispy onions and barbeque sauce.


I was starting to feel surprisingly full at this stage so we had a rest, enjoyed the atmosphere and watched a rainbow cross over Yum Bun.


It’s definitely the kind of night to enjoy with a group of friends, or perhaps make some new ones over your favorite foods.


After chatting and inspecting what everyone else had eaten we went in search of our next course. Mine, a pot of chicken from Mother Clucker.


Sadly in a moment of hastyness I deleted the picture of the mouthfuls of tasty southern fried chicken. But I can tell you I would definitely track them down again, crunchy coating and soft chicken, delicious. It was also the perfect option when you can’t quite fit in another full sized portion.

One thing you may find with all this good food around is queues. Of course if you’re clever you can manage your time by sending one person to the trucks and one person to the bar!


More mojitos please.


Good food also means a mixed crowd and although you might expect it to be city workers in location like Wood Wharf, the line up attracts all sorts, even the canine kind!


I couldn’t round off an evening without something to satisfy my sweet tooth so we shared some donuts with salted caramel sauce from FishDog.


And with our appetities satisfied we went off into the night.


If you haven’t done a street food festival yet, you really must keep an eye on the Street Feast and Tweat Up twitter feeds!

Do you enjoy a good street food event? What festivals have you managed this year?