A Vimeo gem ~ Timeless

I like to dip into Vimeo every now and again. If you haven’t checked it out, in the video sharing world it’s seen as more of an outlet for creatives looking to promote films, animation or music.  So what you tend to find is more artistic and fine tuned, (it’s probably not the place for escalator spinning.) As one of the most diverse capitals in the world I was sure there would be something worth seeing for London so I had a rummage around.

This is my favourite find, a definite Vimeo gem.

Timeless – London Timelapse from MB Films on Vimeo.

The intention was to capture the spirit and endless energy of London and I think it does just that. It really makes you think about how fast life in the city goes by, the non stop movement, the culture mix and how much stunning city scenery there is to enjoy.

What do you think? Have you found any great Vimeos?