Snapshots of the city ~ Missing in July Action

July seems to have passed by in a blur of beautiful summer sunshine, socialising outdoors and finally wearing the clothes I’ve kept tucked away for blue sky days. Alongside the fun in the sun I’ve been searching for a new flat mate and the balance of both has meant I’ve been keeping busy but completely missing in action on the blogging front. As August has arrived I hope (!) for a more settled month ahead, celebrating my birthday, working on new blogging ideas and sharing a few recent finds.

For now, I thought I’d share the snaps (and videos!) I’ve managed to take amidst a whirlwind month of London living.

 One of the best things about working in Paddington is being able to walk down to the picturesque Little Venice to soak some lunchtime sunshine. I couldn’t resist sharing a little video of my favourite picnic spot.


When work is done it’s all about finding your nearest beer garden to quench your thirst and make the most of being able to socialise outdoors. Tootopia was the perfect festival for giving us an excuse to explore more of Tooting’s local pubs and enjoy locally brewed beer By the Horns.


Of course on top of celebrating summer’s arrival we also cheered Andy Murray on to his historic Wimbledon win. Where were you when “Game. Set. Match” was called?


It’s unlikely a month will go by without coffee, cocktails and great food. This month featured hot dogs and champagne at Bubbledogs, cocktails at Long Bar, coffee at one of London’s most original cafes The Attendant (review coming soon!) and a Shake Shack triple indulgence (how will it compare to Five Guys I wonder?!).

Then when I wanted to burn off a few extra calories I chose Hyde Park over the gym. It’s such a treat to be able to wander through on a beautiful morning like this! Peaceful and pretty.


London has some amazing architecture and when the sun beams down you can’t help but admire the view. I gazed in awe at the perfect white washed walls of Holland Park, saw the light stream through St Pancras Station, dropped by Buckingham Palace after Royal Baby mania and discovered one of Tooting’s loveliest buildings – the library!

 When beautiful architecture and nature combine you get the lovely Italian Gardens in Hyde Park. Easily one of my favourite outdoor spots in London, I had to see it in the sunshine!


Of course summer wouldn’t be summer without Pimms. It tastes particularly good in the garden of the V&A on one of their Friday Late nights!

How was your July? What are you looking forward to in August?

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