Somerset House Summer Series gigs – Jessie Ware

When you book tickets during the depths of winter for an outdoor music gig in July you picture the perfect summer’s evening, balmy temperatures, a glowing sunset, dancing into the night under dusky blue skies. Of course the British summer is not well known for actually delivering this, so imagine our glee that amidst the glorious weather we’re having this month was our night listening to Jessie Ware as part of the Summer Series gigs at Somerset House.

If I’m honest I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as we stood in the orderly queues outside. The venue was guaranteed to be gorgeous but what would the sound and atmosphere be like?

Well it was certainly a very laid back vibe from the beginning.  Groups of friends standing or sitting, enjoying ciders in the sun, waiting for the music to begin.


Then the support act Mikky Ekko arrived on stage and the crowd got to their feet to listen and sway to his soothing vocals. He’s got a brilliant voice and I thought it was perfect for a chilled evening in a great location.


His popular track “Pull me down” should give you a flavour for his music.

Then the sun dropped behind the stony walls of Somerset House and we waited for Jessie to come on stage.


I mentioned Jessie Ware as a new find from Hackney Weekend last year, I didn’t hear the full set back then so I was pretty excited to hear more of her songs.

And she didn’t disappoint, she sang through her whole album as the night sank into darkness.


A mixture of upbeat and down tempo tracks. She’s got a powerful voice and she came across as a generally down to earth, likeable musician. I took a little instagram video to share a little snippet of her voice which you can see on my profile here. If you want to hear more of her tracks, as you can see, I’ve just discovered SoundCloud where you can listen to her tracks without downloading a program! Here’s “110%”: 

The atmosphere at Somerset House was great. The loud sound held within the courtyard amongst a good crowd, making it just the kind of evening I pictured all those months before.

The tickets to the Summer Series gigs sell out as soon as they’re online, to get ahead of the game sign up to their e-newsletter and they’ll tell you when they’ll be on sale next year. It’s definitely an experience to sign up for!

Have you been to one of the Summer Series gigs at Somerset House? What did you think? Have you had any other great music experiences in London?

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  1. August 6, 2013 / 8:26 am

    This looks so fun! I’ve always wanted to see a movie or go to a gig at Somerset House!