Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane

Do you ever put highly recommended places to the bottom of your list, ready for that occassion when you really want or need a treat? Well there are a few places on my list which have been around for a while and show no signs of going anywhere so I’m saving them for the right moment.

Whenever I ask a fellow coffee lover to recommend their favourite cafes Prufrock Coffee often features on their list so I knew it was going to be worth saving for when I really needed a good coffee. After five caffeine-free days at Glastonbury, where I was surprised (and disappointed) to find that none of my favourite coffee beans had been taken down for festival goers enjoyment, I had a recovery day and decided Prufrock would satisfy the build up of coffee cravings nicely.

I arrived about 1.30pm to find a spacious cafe with plenty of seats on offer.
You know you’re in a cafe dedicated to the perfect coffee when a roaster sits proudly amongst the tables.
Added to the fact that one of the directors was the 2009 UK and World Barista Champion and they host barista training.

I ordered my cappuccino from the colourful counter buzzing with endless customers collecting their coffees, sweet treats or savouries.
I eagerly awaited my coffee arrival, distracting myself with a little square of chocolate brownie, but luckily I didn’t have to wait very long.
You just can’t beat the taste of sweet coffee satisfaction! Smooth, tasty, Square Mile Coffee. Prufrock was definitely the right choice and the high expectations were met nicely.

In between ordering, taking a seat and my coffee arriving, tables filled quickly and a large queue of coffee lovers developed.
If I had Prufrock on the doorstep of the office I’d probably be down there daily too.

If you want good coffee from serious experts then this is the cafe!

Have you tried Prufrock Coffee? What places are you saving for a treat?