A soothing Sunday at the Kyoto Garden

Earlier in my twenties, summer days in London were mainly spent a stone’s throw from my house share on Clapham Common enjoying a picnic, sunbathing and/or nursing a hangover. Of course you’ll still find me at a park doing the same things, but these days I love finding little pockets of peacefulness where I can soak up the sun, relax and leave the week behind. A pretty garden where I can stretch my legs, and enjoy rippling waters is a welcome bonus so when I read about the Kyoto Garden at Holland Park I was quick to check it out.

A green space I’d not been to before, a tube stop I’m sure I’ve never gotten off at and a part of West London to have a nose at. Even more motivation to get down there (and travel on the sauna that is the central line.) So Sunday morning I topped up the sun lotion, grabbed a few magazines and made my way to Holland Park.


The streets are lined with gleaming white houses, shaded by leafy green trees. I’ve never seen regency homes quite like this and it’s well worth exploring some of London’s most expensive homes whilst you are there.

After a short walk you’ll notice the promise of greenery behind tall walls and a back garden everyone can explore. I decided to check out the Kyoto Garden before I got comfortable.


A Japanese-style garden created by Japanese artists in 1991 to celebrate the Japan festival and refurbished in 2001.


If it wasn’t for the information to hand you would hardly know its age as it looks as well-groomed as it may have done 20 or so years ago.


The path winds around a calm pond, filled with koi carp, decorated with Japanese artefacts. It leads you to a stone bridge with a gushing waterfall…


Where you can look out across the garden.


Or watch the colourful koi carp swim peacefully beneath you. It definitely puts you in a relaxed mood.


It isn’t a very large space to explore so once I’d relaxed into the afternoon I went for a wander to find a quiet spot to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Although carefully camouflaged I couldn’t miss this beautiful peacock hidden amongst the trees.


Holland Park is definitely a destination worth exploring, I didn’t cover much of it but I passed plenty of space to relax or take the children to play in. After a few hours of lazing about I was definitely soothed for a Sunday.

Have you been to Holland Park? Where do you like to bask in the sunshine most?


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  1. July 17, 2013 / 9:50 am

    that is so beautiful !