City eats ~ Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia

Whilst the sun is shining the streets fill with cheerful drinkers and diners making the most of the outdoors and balmy temperatures. I don’t think we can quite believe our luck at the moment! Fitzrovia always has a brilliant buzz but in the summer, as everyone spills onto the pavements, you really feel like you could be abroad in one of the many cities where the weather tends to fare better than our own.

Me and Lucinda had Bubbledogs on our list for a while but it seems we’ve been distracted by other things over the last few months! The great thing about lists is that the minute you don’t have time to research a good place to catch up, you’ve got a nice little selection waiting for you. So last Thursday we made our way down to Charlotte Street to see what all the hotdog hype was about.

We anticipated a queue or a bit of a wait for a table, but thanks to the sunny weather and many finding spaces outside we grabbed a two seats straight away. Of course the easy part was choosing which glass of fizz we were going to have, there are six you can enjoy a glass or two of (priced from £6 to £11) but you can buy by the bottle too (from £32).

Our friendly waiter must have sensed our thirst as it arrived pretty quickly.


The hot dog was a more challenging decision, there were just so many toppings I could have had more than one of them easily! After a process of elimination, which involved chatting to our neighbouring diner, I went for the Fourth of July (bacon wrapped with smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw- £7) and Lucinda went for The Reuben (sauerkraut, Russian dressing, melted Swiss cheese – £7).

Sipping champagne whilst waiting for your dinner is certainly a nice way to start the evening. It’s probably less often that you will do so surrounded by cute hotdog illustrations but laid-back dining and luxury drinking goes rather nicely.


It wasn’t too long before our order arrived.


Two fine hotdogs with a side of tots and sweet potato fries. (Sides are £3.50 each.)

Yes they are frankfurters but they were definitely a standard far above that of Ikea or your local supermarket. The toppings and soft bun make it a much more tasty experience too. Sadly I’m not much of a wine expert so I can’t tell you how well it all went with the champagne as a pro, but as an amateur it washed our meal down nicely! I wasn’t sure what to expect of the tots, but they’re a sort of hybrid of a hashbrown and potato croquette. The sweet potato fries were cooked just right, crispy and not too greasy. Both good sized portions.

A very enjoyable meal with great friendly service at quite a reasonable price, I’d definitely go back again. I think the only thing I would say is that it’s great for a quick bite to eat and a sparkling treat, a perfect lunch spot if you’re in the area, but I probably wouldn’t queue for it.

Have you been to Bubbledogs? What did you think? Are you willing to queue for a good meal?

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