Five ideas for Father’s Day fun

That’s right people IT’S FRIDAY! It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m going to admit Father’s Day seems to have appeared out of nowhere! I’m heading back to Birmingham feeling pretty disorganised. No train ticket booked, my Dad’s present somewhere in the Royal Mail to the Midlands and no real plans for what we’re going to be doing over the weekend! In case I’m not the only one feeling unprepared for one of the annual excuses to spend some quality time with the family I thought I’d share a few ideas for Father’s Day in London.Father's-Day-fun-in-London

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1. Have a meat feast – For meat loving men Hawksmoor is meant to be one of London’s best steak restaurants. You can sip on tasty cocktails too!

2. Go back in sporting time – You’ll find that many London’s well-known sporting venues have their own museums. I found a list of a few favourites here.

3. Enjoy a Man’s Afternoon Tea – For men with a sweet tooth London offers plenty of afternoon teas with a manly edge. My favourites are at Drink Shop Do and Reform Social and Grill.

4. Drink a few pints in the pub – London is full of traditional pubs, I swear there’s almost one on every corner! But as you can imagine some are better than others and it’s best to get a good recommendation. I thought this list by Gentleman Loves Cake (friend of Lady Loves Cake) sounded pretty reliable.

5. Walk for miles – If your dad likes the great outdoors there are plenty of places where you can walk for miles. You might be tired of me mentioning this but I really do love the Thames River Path and Regent’s Canal walk. You can finish with a great Sunday lunch too (here are Time Out’s suggestions).

Do you have any plans for Father’s day? Any of this sound up your dad’s street?