Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Freestate Coffee, Bloomsbury

Deciding which independent cafe to try next out of all the great ones in London can be a tough decision. Most of the time location wins over the desire to visit, but every now and then a design detail catches my attention and it creeps to the top of the list. That’s what happened with Freestate Coffee. It ticked the box for great location, Bloomsbury is one of my favourite areas, but I’ll admit it was the coffee cup and eclectic interior seen on Lyndon’s Coffee which drew me in.

After enjoying the Blumenfeld exhibition at Somerset House I was parched and in need of my weekend caffeine fix (such is my addiction now I get real cravings for good coffee.) About 10 minutes later I’d reached Sicilian Avenue to be greeted by a spacious yet welcoming cafe.


I didn’t really need to look at the menu as I always have a cappuccino, but I like to know what I’m drinking.


They serve house Union here and you can get the house blend or a guest espresso.

I hadn’t intended eating there but when I laid my eyes on the sweet and savoury selection of sandwiches, tarts and a variety of tasty cakes my stomach rumbled and my sweet tooth ached so I ordered myself a treat.


Freestate have been open a few months now and word has clearly got out as most the seats were taken. But I spied a couple leaving and pounced on their table just in time for my coffee to arrive.


The small details do make a difference sometimes and I love these cups (my friends will tell you that I have a mild obsession with this colour.) But more importantly it was great coffee and I liked the fact that it was a larger size than you often find in independent cafes as it meant I could enjoy it longer!

It washed my lemon drizzle cake down very nicely.



After I’d finished I had a closer look at the furniture. I loved the eclectic mix of reclaimed tables and chairs.

Freestate Coffe - reclaimed furniture

It was obvious that a lot of care and attention had been put into pulling it all together.


I had a chat with one of their friendly baristas who explained that it was owned by the same person behind New Row Coffee, clearly someone who is passionate about offering quality coffee and a nice place to enjoy it.

What attracts you to new places in London? Have you been to Freestate or New Row Coffee?

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