Five fab lunch locations

Yes that’s right, lunch, the meal of the day which seems to have been forgotten for the fashionable brunch. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of brunch, but it’s more often that I get stuck into a good breakfast and a filling lunch. I’ll admit a lot of my favourites are found near my office or feature on many high streets.  So I’ve done some research, dug out some recommendations and added one office favourite to share five fab lunch locations With you.


1. Story Deli – I’ve heard good things about their pizzas over in East London. With a thin base and a tasty layer of toppings, I reckon it could be the perfect portion for lunch.

2. J&A Cafe – Giulia from Mondomulia mentioned this cafe when I asked her for recommendations for an early dinner around Clerkenwell. I didn’t get to make it but it looks like it has a great lunch menu!

3. Maroush Gardens – A great Lebanese restaurant on Edgware Road that’s a bit of a favourite with my team at work. We have the lunchbox menu and you get so much food!

4. KERB – A street food market that pops up at Kings Cross and down in the City throughout the week. I read their tweets every day from my desk and my sandwich often looks a lot less appealing.

5. Balthazar Boulangerie – Getting a table at Balthazar can be a bit tricky, but did you know they have a bakery offering homemade pastries, salads, soups and sandwiches for take away throughout the day? I didn’t! Thanks to a tip off from Good For Lunch it seems you can get a quick taste of this New York arrival more easily.

Do you have a favourite lunch location? I would love to get your recommendations.