Stealing city views from One New Change

One New Change opened in October 2010. In just a few years it’s hard to remember what ever stood next to St Paul’s Cathedral, helped by the fact that there are so many pictures out there highlighting how the stoney old and shiney new buildings contrast and compliment each other. I’ve popped in to the shops a few times and enjoyed afternoon tea at the lovely Bea’s there, but I didn’t realise it had a lovely view point of the city until my friend Lyndsay mentioned it.

So on the sunny Friday before last, after I’d enjoyed a visit to Association Coffee, I went to see it for myself. After a little wander and a couple of shops, I stepped out of the lift at the roof terrace on the 6th floor to this:


Pretty stunning don’t you think! Especially for a freebie! You can enjoy the scenery, eat your lunch on one of the benches and of course take a few snaps!


I’m pretty sure he was capturing the glamorous Shard, it’s hard to avoid it and from this view point definitely stood out from the crowd. Of course I had to add another picture to my own collection.


You can’t see all of the city’s iconic buildings from One New Change, but you’re high enough that on a clear day you can see for miles. It was easy spending a good while enjoying the sights, the spring breeze, watching the world go by.


I took a little Vine video to give you a better idea of the view. Be warned with only 6 seconds to spare on Vine it moves a little quickly (it may also be worth having the sound off as it was pretty windy!).

I definitely recommend checking this view out on a dry day. And if you want to enjoy it for a little longer you can grab cocktails and some tapas at Madison, I recommended it to my sister and she really enjoyed watching the sun set there.

Do you have a favourite place where you can steal a city view for free?