City escapes ~ A sunny bank holiday in Devon

As much as I love living in London, sometimes I just need to escape the city and enjoy a slower pace of life for a few days. Lucinda asked if I fancied joining her in visiting her parents in Devon over the May bank holiday and I was quick to accept the invite. A few days in the countryside with trips to the coast to fill my lungs with fresh sea air and hear the waves crash against the shores, YES PLEASE.

A few hours drive out of the city, a pit stop for dinner and a hunt for a Friday beer (for me and Ben, not the driver), and we were in rural Britain. I felt myself relax immediately, you really can’t beat the fresh air and clear starry skies of the countryside.

A good night’s sleep and we awoke to glorious sunshine and a day exploring the coast ahead of us. We started with the small Dorset market town of Bridport. A picturesque place, full of pretty houses and shops, surrounded by rolling green hills.


Apparently every weekend they have a market that lines the streets. As it was the bank holiday the whole town was full of stalls offering goods, lots of antiques, hand made homeware and fresh food. They also had a brass band playing which added a buzz to a beautifully relaxing morning wandering around.


After we’d satisfied our hunger with lunch at Beach and Barnicott, a great choice for locally sourced food, we headed out to the coast.

I love being by the sea, it’s the most relaxing place in the world, I was SO excited about getting down to Charmouth Beach. Even though it wasn’t quite hot enough to sunbathe or dip our toes in the sea, it was a beautiful sight to take in.


Blue skies up above and an ocean stretching out in front of us as far as the eye could see. Not to mention colourful beach huts and green topped cliffs full of people flying kites and enjoying the sunshine. It really made me realise just how pretty Britain can be. It’s easy to forget there are places like this when you’re surrounded by the smog of the city and constantly feel envious of anyone who makes a trip overseas.


As part of the Jurassic Coast you can walk along the hill tops for miles, or you can stay down below and dig for fossils.  We kept it relaxed and just went for short stroll. With lungs full of fresh air and legs nicely stretched I slept well that night.

 The next day we had a leisurely morning at home drinking tea and eating Eric’s freshly baked bread. Then we spent the afternoon at Totnes, a small market town along the River Dart.


Full of signs of its past, where 16th and 17th century town houses climb up the steep high street. As it was Sunday, most of the shops were closed which did make it seem like a bit of a ghost town but meant we could wander around in peace.


Lots of colour and nature all around us, and such a contrast to London!

Lucinda’s parents knew I needed another coastal fix before I left to go back to city life, so we went to the seaside resort Dawlish on our way home.


Isn’t it beautiful when the sun glistens of the water like that?

We ate ice creams by the shore, taking in the lovely scenery.


The beach wasn’t as lovely as Charmouth but it still had a charm of its own in the light of the sunshine.

After a few days of relaxing and enjoying getting to be by the sea, I felt recovered and ready to go back to the city life. The trip really did do me the world of good and I was full of renewed love for our fair isle.

If you want to make the trip yourself, you can drive down in about 3 to 4 hours (depending on traffic) or you can get down there by train in about three hours. Either way I do recommend you have a car for exploring by day, there are buses to get you around and down to the coast but they’re quite infrequent.

You can read more about where I explored on my last visit to Devon here.

Do you like to escape the city? Do you have any favourite city escapes in the UK?

P.S. More photos of the trip will be posted on Facebook. I got pretty snap happy.