Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ White Mulberries, St Katharine Docks

I like to think of the River Thames as the Londoners equivalent of the seaside. OK we can’t sunbathe on its shores, but on a sunny day you can walk for miles taking in iconic sights and enjoying the soothing sense of a river breeze and its seas. You’ll find most of the paths packed with tourists but there’s a little pocket of tranquility to discover, St Katharine Docks. I’d never heard if it before but a great coffee shop with a view and tasty produce caught my attention a few weeks back – White Mulberries.

An independent cafe that keeps company with a few other shops and restaurants, with a prime spot overlooking the pretty dock full of yachts.


It’s a fairly new cafe on the scene (Henry from Lyndon’s Coffee got the low down on the owners here). But word has spread and when I arrived a lot of the tables were taken by happy people soaking up the sunshine and the view.


After a long walk along the river I was SO ready for a good cup of coffee. Of course I contemplated the food offering too!


A great selection of muffins, pastries and sandwiches. I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction and went for banana bread with my cappuccino (sorry I promise to try something different soon honest!), but this does leave me with a few excuses to return!

They have seating both inside and out. On a sunny day like the ones we’re having at the moment, sitting outdoors is a must! But I would have been equally happy indoors on a cloudy day, my ideal seat by the window of course!


So I took a seat and a few minutes later my order arrived.


Safe to say it didn’t last long! They serve Allpress Espresso here, another enjoyable coffee where the beans have been roasted right here in the city.

I sat and enjoyed my surroundings for a while. I’ll never be able to explain exactly why I love being near water but the sound and the breeze is just so relaxing. White Mulberries really did snag a great spot here!

If you’re in the area being a tourist or taking a long walk I highly recommend popping in. It’s definitely a place I will be returning to this year!

Do you like your coffee (or tea) with a waterside view?