Spring sunshine at Kew Gardens

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, SPRING IS HERE. Our patience rewarded with two weekends of glorious sunshine. Even though it’s not scorching, how good does a few rays feel on your face?? We can finally do those things we’ve been longing to do, shed the winter coat, dig out the spring wardrobe and get outside!


Kew Gardens is one of those places Lucinda and I have talked about visiting for a while, ever since we discovered a random employee perk of free entry (it’s usually £14.50). Last weekend, the hottest day of the year so far, seemed like the perfect opportunity to get ourselves over there.

After a reasonably short wait in the queue of others who had the same idea as us we were in. A pretty first impression…


Palm House is a well known attraction. Like many of the grand houses in Kew Gardens it’s as pretty on the outside as on the inside.


You could spend hours just exploring these houses, let alone the acres of gardens. There’s so much to take in, beautiful architecture, tall winding plants and soothing water features my dad would die for.


Then there’s the flowers, both indoors and out bright blooms catch your eye at every corner. They add a beautiful scent to your wander.


As a Londoner with a small garden full of gravel and concrete I’m no expert, but I believe there’s even more beauty to come as the warmer season is in full swing.

For now you can still enjoy the peacefulness of a lovely garden without having the job of keeping it alive too. We only saw about half of it whilst we were there and we walked along miles of paths, crossed lakes, and climbed up amongst the treetops.


The Treetop Walkway is a must do, at the moment the trees are a bit behind the programme and you can peer over Temperate House.


It’s not really for anyone with a fear of heights though, whilst very safe and sturdy the walkway is made of a sort of grate and you can see down beneath you.

But there’s a tall structure right around the corner that you can enjoy without climbing, the Pagoda. 163ft high you won’t miss it.


Take it in from afar or bask in the sunshine beneath it.

After about three hours of wandering, catching up and enjoying the sunshine and our surroundings we headed out towards the underground. We both agreed we’d have to return, but with Pimms and a picnic next time.

Although we didn’t pay I think it would certainly be worth the entry fee for a sunny day. A pretty place with plenty to see and enjoy.

Have you been to Kew Gardens? How have you enjoyed the recent lovely sunshine?