Five bucket list city escapes

I woke up this morning in my hometown Birmingham to a snow topped street. In a state of denial earlier this week I packed no practical shoes, which means I can’t easily leave the house. You can imagine what thoughts came to mind… city escapes. Not just your average escapes, my bucket list escapes, something to really look forward to.

So I thought I’d share five of mine and hope you might share some of yours to spare us a few minutes out of the eternal winter.


Image credit: Glenn Waters

Visit Japan during cherry blossom season. I’ve not explored much of Asia and Japan is high up on the list of travel destinations. I imagine cherry blossom season would be a great time of year to visit, stunning scenery and change of season celebrations.


Image credit: Marty Portier

Ride a Vespa in Italy. Perhaps a bit of a traveller cliché but I’d love to travel around Italy and this would be a pretty stylish way to do so don’t you think? Of course I’d have to stop somewhere for coffee and a traditional Italian pizza.


Image source: Pics Gallery

Experience Carnival in Brazil. This has to be an experience never to forget. Colourful and probably a bit crazy.


Image credit: Melissa Emmons

Drive down the palm tree lined Californian coast at sunset. I’d love to hire a car and drive along the West Coast of America. It seems like the eternal summer destination and somewhere with plenty of options for sight seeing.


Image credit: Nathan Laurell

Explore Havana, then taste a real Cuba Libre. An island with a lot of history, Havana would make for an interesting trip. I’d explore the city by day and relax in a beach side hotel at night with plenty of rum cocktails.

Which city escapes are on your bucket list?


  1. March 25, 2013 / 8:38 am

    Great list! Can I jump in your suitcase for Cuba? We’ve been planning to go on safari in Tanzania and diving in Zanzibar for several years but each year our plans get derailed for some quite big reason (weddings, little one on the way, buying a flat~). I’m hoping like crazy that it can finally happen sometime in 2014… even if it means absolutely no life until then!

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      March 25, 2013 / 12:25 pm

      Oh I should have put safari on the list! It was tough picking a top five and even now I’m not sure this would be the ultimate list if I won the lottery. So much I’d love to see!! (but with a few million I guess you cold do it all!)

      Fingers crossed for 2014!! I’m hoping to tick one of these off this year but London and life in general with an exciting holidays is definitely a challenge!x