Commute reads #2 – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I haven’t read many thrillers, it’s just a genre that I’ve never got into. But every now and then a book creeps into my radar and I get the urge to check it out. That’s what happened with February’s commute read – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Posters were all over the underground, it had it’s own hash tag and reviews started to fill up my daily reading channels. I couldn’t avoid it and so I thought I’d see what all the buzz was about.

So what is it all about? I’m going to do my best to explain without giving it away, to sum up it’s a psychological thriller that explores the relationship of the Dunnes, a couple who marry each other without really knowing each other. When life becomes difficult as they lose their jobs and move from the high-flying city life, cracks in their marriage appear and their undesirable (if not pretty crazy) traits are revealed.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

The book is divided between Nick and Amy’s point of view, this definitely keeps you reading and is used to clever effect when the twist is revealed. I did think this could have arrived a little earlier but then perhaps it wouldn’t have had the same effect, you do start to think that it’s just your average murder case and it’s only a case of time before the guilty party is exposed. That is in some way what happens…

The pace of second part of the book definitely picks up as you race to the end to see what happens. I just can’t decide if it was the ending I hoped for, it was a bit of a ‘huh?’ moment for me. Justice served or a bit of an anticlimax?

Overall I did think it was a good read. If a book reaches a point where I can’t put it down and I’m reading it whilst walking in my commute (apologies to my fellow commuters!), I’m getting value for money. I also enjoyed reading a different kind of book to my usual choice which has motivated me to mix up my reading options going forward.

You’ll like this book if you enjoy suspense, a plot that keeps you guessing and an unexpected twist that keeps you reading.

Do you like crime novels and fancy giving it a go? Have you already read Gone Girl? What did you think?