A night at Musical Bingo

I always love the music round at the pub quiz (it’s usually the only round I can contribute to) and I don’t mind a bit of bingo (as long as it’s not taken too seriously).  So when Costa Bingo invited me to try out Musical Bingo at Concrete in Shoreditch I thought I’d accept the offer and see what it was all about.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect!


After some much needed caffeine and sugar fuel at Timberyard I made my way down to Concrete, an urban venue you’ll find underneath Pizza East.  I was pretty impressed to find it completely packed out and very pleased to discover that they serve pizzas from upstairs!

I found our table and after exchanging a few blog links with other bloggers, gobbling up a few pieces of pizza and washing it down with a Sol, I waited for the fun to begin.  At some point around 8pm our host arrived on stage.

Musical Bingo- Introduction

She is the complete opposite to your usual Bingo caller – loud, lively and up for some fun.  She explained the name of the game and the prizes on offer (a bit of a random selection of goods ranging from cakes to cava).

Then we got down to the business of bingo. Round one – ‘What’s my name?’

Musical Bingo -The Game

Several rounds of music clips were played, as you may have expected you cross off the song on your ticket as soon as you hear it and when you get a line or full house jump up and claim your prize.  Be warned though, they don’t just let you collect a prize and go, you have to face a challenge from the Bingo caller first or gamble your prize for something better.  All in the name of Bingo fun of course.

Much like previous experiences of bingo, I didn’t have a very successful night.  I could only stay for two out of the three rounds and I just didn’t get the right songs.  I did enjoy a good bit of dancing in my chair though!

Overall it was a fun night, great to meet other bloggers Mona from Chipped & Chapped and Rebecca from Runaway Kiwi. It would be a fun place to take a group of friends and enjoy a good few drinks and pizzas.  It is the complete opposite of your average bingo, loud music, lively crowd and a bubbly bingo caller. I’d probably avoid it if you stick closely to the “eyes down” rule and don’t enjoy loud music.

Does Musical Bingo sound like your kind of thing?