Snapshots of the city ~ Winter vs Spring

The four weeks of February seem to have been and gone in a flash! I think it’s safe to say over the last few weeks we’ve all been wishing for an end to the winter chills and the beginning of some glorious spring sunshine. There have certainly been some spring hints here and there, but I’m putting all my hopes in March as the Easter bank holiday and British Summertime beckons.

It was a month of change as I moved from North to the South of the river. Despite the stress that comes with moving home, it was a pretty evening and I crossed the river just as the sun set.

Snapshots of the city - Winter vs Spring
In contrast to what you’d expect of London, our neighbours have been welcoming (including their pets!).

As the sun has shone on the local green spaces, I’ve been lured into thoughts about the warmer weather ahead and alfresco evenings in our new back garden.

I’ve definitely tried to make the most of any good weather, playing tourist and adding a few more iconic shots of London to the collection.

Snapshots of the city - Winter vs Spring
As for local exploring, Brixton Village was first on my SW visit list and it’s definitely a place I see myself going back to a few times!

(I recently discovered a new app to play with via Rebecca at Florence finds. Over app – it lets you add fun text to your mobile pictures.)

And when the winter temperatures swept in? I kept my cheeks rosy with a few drinks in the city and glasses of wine on the sofa.

Snapshots of the city - winter drinks
Highly recommend Paramount for great views, Giant Robot for cool cocktails, and The Rum Kitchen for laid back vibes and cocktails that remind you of summer holidays.

Of course there was coffee to fuel the daytimes, I checked out New Row Coffee and remembered a trip to Le Péché Mignon in January.  On top of all that I got a few tips for some great places and spaces from fellow Londoner Susan Hamilton, learning what she loved about this city along the way. (If you want to share your thoughts and tips get in touch!)

It has been a busy few weeks for me! How was your February? Are you ready for spring??

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