Five ways to seek a little ‘sunshine’

I think everyone can agree that the chilly winter temperatures have really outstayed its welcome. I don’t know about you but over the last few weeks I’ve been a less happy, less motivated version of my usual self. I’m dying for a little more warmth that means I can put the winter coat and wooly scarves away and dig out the mac and spring wraps. But I’ve decided that I can’t let it affect my mood any longer and this weekend I’m determined to seek a little sunshine in my life even if that’s not the kind from up there in the sky.

So here are five ways I think you can seek a little ‘sunshine’ this weekend:

Bring me sunshine

Head to an art gallery or museum – they’re usually light, airy spaces and a little learning is never a bad thing for the mind. Pop along to your favourite and wander around for a while. If you’ve got the funds to spend there’s some great exhibitions on at the moment, Lichenstein at Tate Modern, the last weekend of Valentino at Somerset House and Manet at the Royal Academy, to name a few.

Book something to look forward to – that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, a cocktail hour somewhere special, a city escape, a spa trip, etc. I’ve recently bought tickets to Feast next weekend and as it’s my first street food festival in London I’m pretty excited!

Do something you love doing – enjoy coffee like me? Find a coffee shop you’ve not tried before (here’s a few ideas). Love relaxed mornings reading the paper and enjoying a good breakfast? Find your nearest cafe for brunch. Love to bake? Get a recipe, buy the ingredients and whip something up. London is usually able to offer the best of everything!

Or do something you’ve never done before – you can get a positive rush from doing something you haven’t tried before. I’m thinking along the lines of trying a new cuisine, going to the cinema or a restaurant on your own, riding a Boris bike, getting off at a tube station that you’ve never been too or planned to get off at.

Buy some flowers – you can pick up a bunch of daffodils for just a £1 at the supermarket and they really can lift a dark, cold, flower-less room. If you need more beauty in your life right now, pop down to Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday (before 11am is the best time) and get a few bouquets for around £10.

Is there anything you’d add to the list that might let a little brightness in our lives right now?